Monday, November 24, 2014

It is still a sad thing..

Was browsing through Facebook, and randomly watched a video that makes me cry.. so badly, never in my life I cried this bad watching a video/movie before.

I cried again the next day.

And the following day.

And cried today just as I typed this.

It's about a social study done in NY, where a man asked for a slice of Pizza from strangers for hours; none gave him. Until a homeless guy shared his with him.

I shared the video and thought of putting "the saddest video I've ever watched" as the caption in Facebook, but I bet some absent minded followers (followers, not friends because my friends would never do this) would comment things like, "Palestinians died everyday, that's the saddest thing".

Of course it's sad. Those things. I've never watched the video or picture because it's too hard to bear. But that doesn't make this video any less sad.

Click here to redirect to the video

"Why did you cry?" Love asked, slightly puzzled with my overreaction.

It's because all reasons. How could you still eat your Pizza knowing a hungry stranger asked you for a slice of yours; just a slice of yours, God knows how many days he hasn't been eating. And the fact that a homeless guy of all people would share his. And the homeless guy cried in the end. I can't even..

"It's happening all around us, Sayang," Love tried to console me. Accurately, Love thought he was consoling me.

I mean, when? When is this a normal thing. Last time I checked, my friends were all normal people, not even twice they think of sparing some cash for some strangers that came over our lunch table every now and then. I can forgive people not sparing cash, but food? Come on, you treat cats and dogs better than this.

"You're blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people then. Either that or you choose to block those things that you don't intend to see around you," He thought he was consoling me again.

I have to agree. Beautiful people, yes. And blocking things I dislike are also what I did best. Ignorance.. is still a pure bliss for me, sorry. Hence, I don't mind you calling me ignorant. I am. That's where I found peace in this nonsense world.

"Let me tell you a story.." He began. Of a story how back then when we finished SPM, he dropped by to Strudels and spent all his cash to buy a cake for me. I mean, ALL his cash. Only to realize, he didn't have any to spare for his parking ticket. For his one ringgit parking ticket that now became the obstacle for him to see me. He just wanted to get out of the parking. Numb. The value of one ringgit at that time meant more than the RM100 he spent to buy me the cake.

"Umm.. which part of your story meant to console me again?" I asked, puzzled. Though I kind of get what he meant. The value of RM5 to us compared to a homeless person like in the video. Encouraging me to give more.

"Let me tell you another story.." He began again. On a story of how he asked our little girl on what would she do if there's a hungry stranger came to her. "Do you know what Khaira said? Nothing I did to influence her on her answer. This came from her herself."

"What?" I asked.

He called Khaira and the reply of a small child, totally innocent and obviously has more common sense than the adults in the video..

"I would feed her!" She replied in all excitement.

That makes my day. And I should just stopped crying. But I didn't.

Monday, November 10, 2014

My daughter said the darndest things

I'm having a hard time coping up with funny stuff Khaira said. Hence the compilation..

Nov 3rd, 2014

Lil girl had a haircut yesterday. Upon seeing her hair fell on the floor, she asked, "Rambut siapa tu, Bu?"
Dumbfoundedly, I replied, "Ehh.. that's your hair Khaira."
The following question from her dumbfound me even further, "Kenapa rambut Khaira colour black? Kan rambut Khaira colour yellow?"
(T_T) Seriously? Budget mat saleh sangat.

July 20th, 2014

"Ibu, harini kita pergi tengok kerbau dengan budak sembu nak?"

July 9th, 2014

You know that time when kid had a little monologue all by themselves before they went to sleep. I heard K's last night. It went something like this..
"Kita tak perlu takut. Kita serahkan semua pada Allah. Kita serahkan semua pada 'iman'".
I believe it was from one of the ceramah Ramadhan she heard with mom. Baru nak rasa sejuk hati when the next sentence came out from her mouth.
"Kita serahkan pada pak long @mdshazali, pada mama long @izrinirina "
Then I realized the 'iman' she was referring to was actually her cousin Imaan Iris.
She didn't get it at all, did she?

May 16th, 2014

"Ibu, kejap lagi Keong (her imaginary friend, God knows why she named him Keong) nak datang. Ibu salam Keong tau!" Apekah?? (T_T)

Months after, we figured out Keong is actually "clown". She mispronounced it.

April 12th, 2014

Third week of successful potty training when all of a sudden Khaira peed all over her pants last night. When being asked why, she calmly responded, "Bukannya selalu". Sigh..

January 30th, 2014

What she learned from grandmom today, "Kalau muwap, tak tutup mulut, nanti santan masuk".

December 25th, 2013

The following conversation took part before we fell asleep last night. 
Khaira: Ibu, nak coklet.
Me: Coklet dah habis lah Khaira. Esok ibu beli ok.
Khaira: Takpe.. esok Khaira cari duit Khaira beli ok.
Sad or what? (T_T)

October 21st, 2013

Khaira said semalam as we went out of the house, "Look! Rumah kari?"
Kapal Shaharil and I: "apa tu?"
"Rumah hati!!" She repeated while pointing but we still couldn't make sense of what she was referring to.
Getting frustrated and almost cried, she finally translated, "sun!!" 
Rumah hati.. matahari.. ok lah.. dekat lah tu. Oh my bm!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Being considerate

Yesterday was a super tiring day.

I started working right after Deepavali. Class started full force yesterday.

2 hours lecture. First time in theatre. And being an annoying lecturer as always, I love walking around the class.

Only this time.. need to climb stairs. Using my 2 inches heels. (T_T)

Came home to find Aisha was cranky the whole day due to her 3 months vaccination. Still cranky when I got home, I couldn't do anything else except calming her down since mom was super tired already.

On top of it, Khaira demanded my attention and I couldn't take the stress. Scolded her a bit. Deep inside, I thought, "Can't  you just be a lil bit considerate Khaira? Had a tiring day today."

After both of them calmed down, I had a chat with mom. And she said Khaira had been pretty much abandoned the whole day cuz mom was so occupied with Aisha.

Poor baby..

I hugged Khaira and realized I was the one whom being inconsiderate to her. I'm sorry, Darling..