Tuesday, October 21, 2014

28th September 2014

That night of 27th September was a fun night. We celebrated dad's birthday, 'tapau'ing Nando's and had a wonderful time. Thought of sleeping over at parents' crib, but later decided to go home.

At that time, Aisha still in the process of learning about day and night. So when my phone kept on beeping at 2am, I finally checked my phone while nursing.

See, my grandfather had been sick for almost a year plus already. Since then, we went to visit both my grandparents almost every week. I am so close to my grandmom since she was the one who took care of me back when mom was working.

While I was in confinement and was not able to visit him for weeks.. his sickness worsen. Although it sounds ridiculous, secretly I was hoping that I had that chance to meet him after confinement.. at least once.

Right after my confinement, a week before 28th September, we came and he was asleep.. the whole time. I put some cash in his hand and bought him some diapers and kissed him before I went back.

Back to my phone story, I rarely checked them esp at night.. but that night I did check the WhatsApp group. Uncle sent a video of my grandfather.. "macam nazak," was what going on in my mind. But I pushed that silly thought away.

I asked dad if I should come. I really think I should.

Dad said wait until morning since it was at 3am and we have a newborn there.

Being obedient as always, I tried to get some sleep. Just fell asleep when I dreamt of my grandfather passing and I woke up with the phone ringing.

Love answered.

And the next sentence that came out of his mouth was, "Innalillah.."

Only God knows how shattered my heart, my world, my days are filled with us calming and soothing each other ever since.

It has been a harsh harsh year for us.

Al fatihah to my Datuk. And may Allah swt grants the strength to Mak (my grandmom).

My heart breaks reading fb status of both my brothers..

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My 29th birthday

The eve of my birthday, I was in my late uncle's house. It has been a year since he left us. The pain has lessen a bit for me.. Time does heal everything.

Love was not there with me. He was enjoying WWE live with fil. He came back just before midnight to wish Happy Birthday to me.

My birthday fell on Sunday. So we had lunch at in law's, tea at grandmom's and dinner at my parent's where people made fun of the fact that I'm turning 3 series next year.

Brother was so sweet to buy me cake.. with 3 candles; making fun of my age. Pfftttt.. Nonetheless, the fact that I spent my birthday with my loved ones means a lot to me.

Wrapped up the day watching "The fault in our stars" with Love. Stopped a couple of times with Aisha's cry which I seriously don't mind at all. I do mind that the story sucks. Don't bother watching it!

The next day, Love took a leave and we spent such precious time just the two of us.

Started with my birthday gift; Thomas Sabo!! So pretty still can't stop staring at it!

And lunch at Tony Roma's. Yup.. I'm that typical. Again with Caesar Salad my fav dish.

And ended it with lasertag!! Just the two of us in that whole arena. No.. not romantic.. it was spooky, don't do that. Still, it was super fun!

There goes.. I'm another year wiser.

I love you a lot, Sayang. Thank you.. I had so much fun.. So much..

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The PAO method

The best thing about maternity leave is that you got to watch a lot of tvs. While nursing, while both of them were sleeping. Fun fun fun!

I kind of have these sick obsession with aliens and serial killers, so while scrolling over 551 onwards, disappointed not to find Anicent Aliens on air, I stopped at Discovery channel. A program called 'Redesign my brain'.

This story is about a tv personality that undergoes a brain training and I somehow interested with one simple memorization technique called PAO method for you to ease up your memorization technique. PAO stands for Person Action Object. Previously, I shared the memorization techniques I learned from Puan Lina's short course, read here. Perhaps this can be the addendum.

It is very simple actually.

Let's say I give you a card; Ace of Spades. How to remember it with PAO method is like this..

Firstly, look at the initial. A for Ace and S for Spades.

Think of a person with that initial.. For example Adam Sandler.

One of the movie he acted in is Happy Gilmore where he was a golfer there.

So the action is playing.

And the object is golf ball.

It sticks in your mind easier when you visualize. So with the PAO method, it helps your brain to visualize.

Simple sharing. But I hope it helps.