Khaira Asyikin

♥ Started Standard 1
♥ Memorized Al Ghashiyah (28th Surah)
 Started Tae Kwon Do class again


♥ Adam Dina Book 12
♥ Memorized Al Fajr (27th Surah)
 Won The Most Sparkling Reader and Cabaran Bijak Membaca GA nationwide 2017
 Power Brain activated


Adam Dina Book 11
Memorized Al Layl (26th Surah)
We went jogging more frequently and Khaira can easily go back and forth half Taman Tasik Ampang


First tooth fell off, July 10th!
Adam Dina Book 10
Master spelling in both English and Malay
Completing Kumon Book 1 addition and subtraction


K's first reading competition!
Adam Dina Book 9
Memorized Al-Alaq (25th Surah)



K insisted us to enrol her in Tae Kwon Do class and so we did
First hospitalized due to mycoplasma pneumonia caught from swimming pool
Setbacks in her life, Paed asked us to stop her from swimming for at least a year and we had to stop her from Tae Kwon Do as well as Paed said no air cond for her at night (Tae Kwon Do class is at night and in an air conditioned area) :'(


After months in Global Art, we discovered that K is into drawings, not colouring so we pulled her out
Adam Dina Book 8
Khaira could swim short distance on her own at adult's pool
Memorized Al Bayyinah (24th Surah!)


Joined Global Art and got better in coloring and arts
K's first colouring competition (or any competition in that matter)
Started swimming class with Abi weekly


♥ Into drawings and paintings
♥ Adam Dina Book 7
♥ Memorized Al-Balad (23rd surah!)
♥ Already use the term "best friends" with her close friends


♥ Crazy about Barbie again
♥ Adam Dina Book 6
♥ Memorized Ash-Shams (22nd surah!)
♥ Love to sulk!
♥ Master basic addition and subtraction


♥ Currently all the time with her soft toys and Lego Friends
♥ Adam Dina Book 5
♥ Memorized Al-Inshirah
♥ Starting to be more concern on her appearance; such as: school bags, water bottle, stationary, etc.


♥ Obsessed with Ninja Turtles and Barbie (she named hers "Manis")
♥ Adam Dina Book 4
♥ Memorized Ad Dhuha
♥ Good at making friends; she now have best friends



♥ Really good at painting and drawing
♥ Adam Dina Book 3
♥ Memorized At Tin
♥ Good with arts and crafts


♥ Introduce her to spelling in Malay
♥ Adam Dina Book 2
♥ Memorized Al Zalzalah
♥ Obsession with lego
♥ Can solve advanced puzzles on her own



Mengaji fluently
♥ Malay reading fluently; convert to normal story book as advanced reader
♥ Started to read in English; Adam Dina Book 1
♥ Memorized Al Adiyat
♥ Interest in drawing



Starting Quran
Reading "nga..", "nya.." and so on..
Addition below 10 using sempoa perfectly
Memorize Al Qaria and Al Maun
Started her trial swimming class


Done with sabdu
Done with huruf tertutup like "ma.. kan", "lam.. pu"
Already very good in writing
Started teaching her mental arithmetic
Memorize At Takathur and Al Humazah



Done with huruf mati
Starts reading Malay i, bi, ci, du.. until zi and u, bu, cu, du.. until zu fluently
Learn to write the alphabets
Developed other fine motor skills; wear zippers and small buttons on her own
Memorized Al Fiil and Al Qadr
Started funny poses in front of camera



 Done with tanwin
Starts reading in Malay, a, ba, ca, da.. until za fluently
 Starts full day program in Little Caliph
Go to toilet by herself
Memorized An-Nasr, Quraish, Al Kafiroon
Solat and zikir correctly
Had her chicken pox :(



♥ Done with huruf sambung
♥ Memorized Al Falaq and Al Masadd
♥ Able to fold her own pants and blankie


♥ Very sisterly and really good at playing with Aisha
♥ Can take off her own clothes now
♥ Learning to eat on her own
♥ Memorizes An Nas
♥ Very fluent in reading hijaiyah now


34 months old

♥ tantrum strikes back since Aisha was born, but gets better each day
♥ acted so like an older sister, prepares clothes for Aisha, help wear her mittens and booties
♥ very protective towards Aisha
♥ Memorizes Al-Asr
♥ can fold simple towel and napkin

32 months old

♥ Khaira khatams Al Furqan 1 already, woottt!!
♥ memorizes Al Ikhlas and Al Kauther
♥ Ask lots and lots of whys
♥ Easier to manage in terms of tantrum

30 months old

♥ she manages to recite Al Fatihah already, Alhamdulillah
♥ memorizes more songs
♥ can tell the name of every finger

28 months old

♥ she memorizes all our names fluently; mine, hubs, parents, my siblings, etc
♥ about to master her fathat, qasrah and dhammah
♥ very clingy nowadays. need to hold her hand and hug her whenever possible.

26 months old

♥ she throws her tantrum like crazy since I'm pregnant
♥ she recognizes shapes and colours
♥ current hobby: hop! Hop everywhere


♥ She qatam alif until ya already. Recognizes all letters perfectly.
♥ She can cycle; masters it in 5 days. So proud of her!
♥ She throws her tantrum when she's sleepy
♥ She starts to sulk when she didn't get what she wanted
♥ Imagination gone wild
♥ She remembers all the things she placed even at the most unimaginable place possible
 She can recite doa makan

22 months old

♥ She can wear her own shoes, clothes, pants, etc
♥ She can sing a few songs now, full song. To name a few, Twinkle2 Little Star, Burung Kakak Tua, Bapaku Pulang Dari Kota, etc.
♥ She can differentiate cars, lorry, bus etc. Even more, she can name a few car; such as Preve, Alfa, etc.
♥ Eats almost everything now, very happy with that.
♥ Finally, she sleeps the whole night and only wakes up for milk the next morning, yay!
♥ Still trying to help her to be comfortable with darkness. Baby steps.


20 months old

♥ Her motor skills are getting better; she can drink from a normal cup using one hand, she can climb the stairs gracefully while counting the steps, climbing up and down the bed steadily.
♥ She is now able to make sense of some logics; "Abi goes to work, Busu goes to school." "Datuk pegi padang, Busu pegi belajar"
♥ She can answer the "Whys". "Why are you not in Padang today?" Her ans: "Jerebu". "Why won't you eat?" "Khaira kenyang" etc.
♥ Parrot mode. She can recall whatever you're telling her and throw it back right in your face days after.
♥ Introduce her to peanuts
♥ Can form up to 5 words now. Her typical sentence the moment I arrived home, "Ibu jom kite pegi jalan taman".

18 months old

♥ She can count satu to sepuluh and one to ten almost perfectly
♥ She now has a lot of imaginations; playing while talking to heself
♥ Talk three words in a sentence
♥ Start to memorize songs
♥ Introduce her to seafood


16 months old

Talk a lot. She can name almost every part of her body
♥ She can name almost everything in her baby book, even ones that amazed me
♥ Can say "Bismillah", "Assalamualaikum," and later reply with "Waalaikumsalam". Simple manners like "Terima Kasih".
♥ Demands what to wear at times; and hence the picture above. Demand sleeveless Minnie Mouse shirt on top of baju lengan panjang.
♥ Introduce her to egg


14 months old

♥ Walk at 13m.o
♥ Recognize things like "banana", "apple", "baby", "tummy", "eyes", "nose", etc.
♥ Can say 2 different words at a time already!! (e.g "Nak Ayam") :)
♥ Introduce her to beef.



♥ Imitate our speech and acts
♥ Starts to get fussy with food
♥ Finally have her own timetable, nap at 11am and 3pm, sleep at 10pm :)
♥ Introduce her to biscuit, but having a mild diarrhea, so have to stop
♥ Eat: (White rice + brown rice + oat) with various fish, chicken and vege!
♥ Introduce her to chicken and biscuit.


11 months old

Able to:
♥ Understand instruction
♥ Babble in her words; ie if my dad scolded her, she would 'mengadu' and pointed at my dad
♥ Love water and sand
♥ Separation anxiety strikes back, nursing like little baby, but this time aroud for comfort
♥ Eat: (White rice + brown rice + barley + oat) with various fish and vege!
Introduce her to bread


10 months old

Able to:
♥ Smile at camera
♥ Shake hands
♥ Can play shape sorter
♥ Say "Dah", "Nak"
♥ Grow another 2 teeth (next top front)
♥ Eat: (White rice + brown rice + barley + oat) with various fish and vege! :)


9 months old

Able to:
♥ Climb, stairs, table, walls, you name it.
♥ Stand up without holding to something momentarily
♥ Throw balls at me
♥ Call my mom, "Ma"
♥ Grow another 2 teeth (top front)
♥ Eat: (White rice + brown rice + barley + oat) with various fish and vege! :)
♥ Introduce her to fish.

8 months old

Able to:
♥ Sit by herself
♥ Stand up by herself
♥ Clap her own hands
♥ Eat: (White rice + brown rice + barley) with (carrot/zucchini/lettuce/banana/rock melon/papaya) and dates. A vegetarian still :)
♥ Introduce her to vege

7 months old

Able to:

♥ Grow 2 teeth (bottom front)
♥ Start to crawl
♥ Transfer toy from one hand to the other
♥ Clap my hand
♥ Separation anxiety, a bit clingy to me especially since my long leave to Bali
♥ Love peekaboo a lot, can even play it by herself when there's no one near her
♥ Eat: (White rice + brown rice + barley) with (banana/rock melon/papaya) and dates.

6 months old

Gain 0.1kg - current weight: 7.5kgs

Able to:

♥ Move forward and backward.
♥ Recognize people.
♥ Call me "Mmmbuuuuu!!!"
♥ Pretend to cough to get attention from people.
♥ Start to eat solids 10 days before 6 months; had mashed banana and brown rice.


5 months old

Gain 0.4kgs - current weight: 7.4kgs

Able to:

♥ Roll over from tummy to back.
♥ Talk in response to you.
♥ Lick and bite at almost everything
♥ "Multitask" — babbling and reaching for something simultaneously.
♥ Pull objects closer to her.

Fav. item: Books! She even cried when I closed them. Look!!

Her fav softbook

Toysrus (T_T)

Even Statics! Our future Engineer? Insya Allah. Ameen.

4 months old

Able to:

♥ Roll over steadily.
♥ Talk to herself a lottt!!
♥ Imitate some of my gestures.
♥ Smile at everyone when she first met them.
♥ Laugh out loud everytime you play with her.

Fav. item: Lamaze Princess

3 months old

Gain 1.1kgs - current weight: 6.1kgs
Length increases 5cms - current length: 60cms

Able to:

♥ Play with her hands, it's like an obsession. First, she was obsessed with her right hand (we thought because of the sound of the bell from her bracelet), then both hands. Even to the extend when she was busy playing with her hands and we picked her up to play with her, she would cry out loud.
♥ Reach for things from her playgym and grab our fingers.
♥ Follow something with her eyes.
♥ Suck her fingers (bau masam!)
♥ Respond when we talk to her, and yes she talks a lot like the both of us. And laugh out loud when we played with her. Adorable! :)

Fav. item: Her playgym. Dah tak layan rattle.

2 months old

Gain 1.1kgs - current weight: 5.0kgs
Length increases 1cm - current length: 55cms

Had her circumcision on 4th December 2011.

Able to:

♥ tilt her body to one side
♥ meniarap once, then nangis sbb taktau nak baring balik
♥ adjust blanket
♥ smile in response to you. ie. when you call her name
♥ response to her name
♥ make cute sounds when playing
♥ kick vigorously
♥ adjusting to day and night
♥ play with her saliva and her tongue

Favourite item: still rattle given by my dad. Mom bought her another rattle, but maybe too loud, Khaira didn't like it. She's not interested in ducks and soft toys with sound. Maybe not yet. Already introduced her to the gym given by my bro's future MIL. But as for now, Khaira has not yet discover how to play with it. Soon k, very soon. I can't wait to get her the Kick Piano from Fisher Price!

1 month old

Gain 1.2kgs - current weight: 3.9kgs
Length increases 5cms - current length: 54cms

Able to:
♥ focus on object like my face
♥ respond to rattle and song (her fav. Malaysia Truly Asia)
♥ smile spontaneously
♥ awkward laugh; macam tercekik pon ade
♥ hold head steady when upright
♥ bring both hands together
♥ hold bottle on her own
♥ wobble her head
♥ cries differ when hungry, she would sound like this, "ngaaaaaa!!"

For newborns, they are in the process of watching and listening. They learn and develop through sensory stimulation. They respond best to toys that encourage them to listen, look and touch.

Khaira's fav. item: Tollyjoy rattle from Atuk!