Monday, August 25, 2014

The whats and whys

Khaira talks a lot. Seriously a lottttt.. No surprise there since both Love and I are a bit on the chatty side. I always enjoy talking to her especially when she talks about her imaginary friends. We love that creative side of her.

But.. oh myyy lately she asks too many whats and whys. If that is not memeningkan enough, she would do it over and over again.

"Ibu, why is Aisha crying?"

A minute after that, "Why is she crying?"

2 minutes afterwards, when Aisha actually stopped crying, "Why did Aisha cry just now?"

The next day, "why did she cry yesterday while changing her diapers?"

*bang head against wall*

I came across an article about toddler asking the questions repeatedly and felt so much better afterwards.

The reasons why they asked questions repeatedly:

1. They are of course curious and your answers are not clear enough for them to understand

2. To seek for attention

Both needs me to improvise my parenting skill (T_T). That actuallly helps me become a lot more patience with her. So I just thought of sharing.

But if you need to put an end to her endless repetitive questions, here's what the article suggested you to do:

"Why do you think she cries?"

Ask for her opinion instead.

But what Love did normally was explaining to Khaira in a really really technical term I doubt she understood. Then she would stopped asking altogether.

Works everytime.

He must bore her to max. Hehe.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to talk to your toddler

So currently I'm reading this..

Why? Because seriously.. having a toddler somehow seems more challenging than a newborn. The tantrum Khaira has nowadays since Aisha was born, ya Allah..

Look at the pic below.. Whenever mom dukung Aisha..

Anyhow, I just finished reading the first chapter of the book. I found it very interesting,  how it trained you to talk to your toddler.

Some points to share:

1. To encourage your toddler to eat --> "You take a bite of your vege, and then I'll take a bite of mine"

2. Separation anxiety --> Reassure that you will return and get her interested in an activity. Eg. "I know you don't want me to leave, but I'll be back soon" or "Why don't you feed your teddy while I make lunch?" Don't do this.. "it makes me mad when you do that" or "Poor baby.."

3. Weaning from bottle --> " You're a big girl now. Just like me, big girl drinks from bottle"

4. Other people have feelings too --> " When you hit Abi, it hurts him"

5. Put off a toddler's request --> " I can't play now. I'm reading my book. Reading my book is fun for me. Just like playing masak2 is fun for you. Now I'm going to have some fun with my book while you have some fun with your bricks". Explain the reasons to them.

I shall share more in shaa Allah.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The (hypno) birth of Aisha Asyikin

The pregnancy of our second daughter was exactly as planned, Alhamdulillah. I conceived a month after I stopped breastfeeding my 2 y.o daughter Khaira; of whom I gave birth via hypnobirthing as well. Read about my first delivery here and birth video is linked here.

It all started on Saturday, 2 days before Raya. I kept on hoping I would deliver Baby Aisha after that Friday night because Love and I planned to have the evening all to ourselves before the baby was born. So we had a wonderful dinner, movie and durian buffet. Then the next day when I woke up, I noticed some blood, but no surges at all.

My 189cm hubby and 148cm me

Afterwards the blood disappeared just like that. I was a bit disappointed because with Khaira, I gave birth to her the same day I had a blood show. Raya went by happily and on the second day raya night, the blood show started again. More bloody, this time with surges but again it went by just like that. Disappointed again.

Starting from the second day Raya onwards, I already had my daily morning or evening walk of about 3km a day. Then, I climbed up and down the stairs to my office at level 4. On 5th day of Raya, I still had my evening walk as usual, no surges at all, no show. Had my whole relatives coming over for dinner. It was super fun.

Walk at Taman TAR

Walk at Taman Wetland Putrajaya

The next day, 8 days before Aisha's EDD, I woke Love up early for our morning walk. But on the way back around 10.30 am, I felt even more sensational surges. But I was super hungry (the same feeling before I birthed Khaira), so we decided to pick Khaira up and went to mamak for nasi campur.

I timed my surges while we had our brunch. It was straight away a minute surge with only 3 to 5 minutes gap. By the time I finished my brunch, which was an hour later, the surge became more sensational.

So, we went to mom's place straight away. Took a bath, then I told Love to go straight to the hospital because the gap became even shorter to a point I didn't bother to time.

About 5 mins before arriving at the hospital, I already felt the sensation of pushing. I stopped doing my surge breathing and J breathing so that I stopped dilating for a while. Calm breathing, I reminded myself. I'm almost there. It was around 1.40 pm at that time.

The walk from the parking space to the hospital was like one of the longest walk I felt in my life. While Love settled in the registration, I tried sitting at the bench, but ended up squatting because I just felt like pushing so badly.

The nurses quickly offered me a wheelchair. Since the labour room was full, I was offered a ward where the midwife did a VE and said I was fully dilated. Rushed me to the labour room where they requested for another patient at 6 cms dilated to make room for me.

Entered the labour room at 2pm. No enema, no ctg, not even enough time for me to change to hospital garments, I got to the bed and just pushed, ignoring everybody except Love. The first push made me shouted at the doctor and said; "Doktor buat apa tu? Sakit!" As I felt some burning sensation down there;  I did not have that with Khaira. That was when Love asked me to look only to realize my baby's head was out!! Omg so biggg!! She weighed 3.1kgs.

My Asyikins

At second push; 2 minutes later, the whole body was out. Alhamdulillah so smooth. Felt so better afterwards. I survived with minor natural tear. And the following statement came from my gynae right after I delivered the baby, "You should consider homebirth for your third baby. Easy delivery you're lucky not to have DBA." Apparently DBA is the term they use for 'delivery before arrival'.

So there goes the birth of our 2nd daughter on 2nd of August, 2 minutes in the labour room, we enter at 2pm, she popped our at 2.02pm with 2 pushes. ;)

I must have been so blessed. Alhamdulillah. I would forever feel indebted to Sifu Wai Han whom I met 3 years ago; but changed my life forever. Thank you to family and friends for the endless doa. And thank you to my sweetheart of whom without, I could not even imagine going through this.

My birth story has also been published in Hypnobirthing Malaysia's website. Read it here.