Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The radio - DarwishDarwisya's method

Guess what we did after DarwishDarwisya's seminar?

Cendol by the road.. :) Of course, while evaluating back our parenting and discussing on our way forward.

We realized, we have to start now, while the momentum is there. Despite of being both mentally and physically tired after the seminar, we gather all our strength to hunt for a portable radio although we had to be at the airport by 11pm to meet up MIL before she headed back to Korea.

So what's up with the portable radio?

Pn. Lina (a.k.a mother of DarwishDarwisya) played the 30 surahs of Juz Amma to her babies from the womb (babies develop the ability to listen since they are 5 months old in the womb) until now everyday. During play, during travelling in the car, etc.


This is what I mean when I said she's a sub-conscious junkie like me. When I learned about hypnotizing, one of the key points is REPETITION. Have you ever encountered a day, when you remember to climb into your car and the next thing you know is that you're already in front of your office. You don't have any memory of thinking about the route because you're using the route everyday, it becomes a norm to you.

I guess the same concept applies to Darwish and Darwisya. After 3 years of listening to the same surahs everyday, they must have listened to them for about 1000 times already and the hafazan becomes effortless. They have been hypnotized with the Quran, Alhamdulillah.

I tried that on Spiderbaby recently. Was very easy whenever I was around. But since I'm leaving her with mom during work, I tried very slowly so that mom won't think I'm obsessed. At the same time, I don't want to burden her. So, I played it very gently and subtly. Insya Allah.. Benda baik kan, so just have faith :)

What about the surahs Wisya's memorized after Juz Amma?

Her technique is very simple. Juz Amma is played only during the day. When her children were about to sleep, she would play selected surahs she wanted the children to memorize after Juz Amma. These children play with Al Quran, sleep with Al Quran, Masya Allah.

What's the benefit of sleeping with Al-Quran?

My supervisor always tells me to sleep with my PhD research. Also in Islam, one of the best time to give advices to our children is during the time when she was just about to go into deep sleep. That moment, when I learned during hypnotizing, is the moment when you put an information to someone, they will sleep with it, dream with it, put it into their subconscious mind and when they wake up the next day, they would remember about the last thing they think before they sleep. In this case, the Quran.

I remember some days when I was really tired at night. Sometimes couldn't help but complaining, Astaghfirullah. Spiderbaby was born since she was birthed, to wake up every hour until she was about 6 months old. Until now, she was like a baby, would wake up every 2 or 2 hours and a half almost every night. Challenging in that sense, other than that, she is a super easy baby.

But now I am really thankful. I would play the selected surahs throughout the night, because she would wake up multiple times and she has more times to absorb the Quran to her subconscious mind. Everything happens for a reason, Allah SWT the almighty! :)

There are of course many Qari you can find nowadays, which one to choose?

According to Pn. Lina, the ones that we like during pregnancy might make the baby loves it too. My choice - Syeikh Masyari Rashid Al-Afaasi for surah pilihan.

Juz Amma, I used this one..

Simply because I got it for free during the seminar and because I want to vary.

Pray for me to be given the strength to share on flashcards later on!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goldcoast, Morib

It was Love's birthday, yesterday. I stole him for a short get-away at Goldcoast, Morib.

Funny story though. I bought the deal from mydeal, read the T&C carefully, called the number and asked whether it's okay if I checked in on the 17th Nov, 5 days before Love's birthday and she said okay. So, when I tried to book after I bought the voucher, suddenly they said there's a surcharge if I checked in any day  that is not on the birthday or not a day before or after the date. And of course, it's written in the T&C of the voucher (which I can only read after I bought and received the voucher) which differs than the T&C I read earlier. Whatever.. My first and last ok.

Anyway, the get-away was super fun. Our room had the nicest view, looking over the theme park.

The theme park was fun though, the entry for adults = RM20, for children = RM10. It was worth it. Khaira had fun for a while..

..10 minutes after, she was shivering cold. Lucky there's a small dry place for her to play..

But, we still wanted her to play with the water. Luckily there's a Jacuzzi inside the room. That was the best part. The hotel room was so-so, actually. Just the bathroom was marvelous. Khaira had super fun. Love even slept for like an hour in the Jacuzzi, apparently that's the only bath tub that can fit him. (T_T)

Dinner was good :) More than I expected.

The only pic of the three of us and I don't like this pic, semua muke tak ready :(

After dinner, Love received his gift, cake and certificate from the hotel.

All in all, it was a cycle. Love and Khaira happy = I'm super happy.

Happy birthday, Sayang. It was fun!! May we have an even more wonderful year ahead of us, with Spiderbaby around. Thank you for everything you've done to us. I'm forever blessed to have you as my husband. Whee!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We are having our UPSR next year! ;p

Happy 11 year anniversary, Love! :)

If we were born the day we were together, we are in Standard 5 already this year. Haha!

Too hectic for any fancy celebration, work overloads!

But, but.. love still needs to be celebrated! Tomorrow we are going to Goldcoast everyone!!

Ehh.. bukan ke ticker kat atas tu said it would be 5 months lagi?

Tu Goldcoast, Aussie. Kite pergi Goldcoast, Morib je lah esok! Yay!!

*Holiday mood on*

Monday, November 19, 2012

The start of Iraq war based on a picture?

An excerpt from 'The Picture Problem' in 'What the dog saw and other adventures' by Malcolm Gladwell.

In February 2002, just before the start of the Iraq war, the Secretary of State Colin Powell went before he United Nations to declare that Iraq was in defiance of international law. He presented transcripts of telephone conversations between senior Iraqi military officials, purportedly discussing attempts to conceal weapons of mass destruction. He told of eyewitness accounts of mobile-biological weapons facilities. And, most persuasive, he presented a series of images - carefully annotated, high-resolution satellite photographs of what he said was the Taji Iraqi chemical-munitions facility.

"Let me say a word about satellite images before I show a couple," Powell began. "The photos that I'm about to show you are sometimes hard for the average person to interpret, hard for me. The painstaking work of photo analysis takes experts with years and years of experience, poring for hours and hours over light tables. But as I show you these images, I will try to capture and explain what they mean, what they indicate, to our imagery specialists." The first photograph was dated November 10, 2002, just three months earlier, and years after the Iraqi was supposed to have rid themselves of all weapons of mass destruction. "Let me give you a closer look," Powell said as he flipped to a closeup of the first photograph. It showed a rectangular building, with a vehicle parked next to it. "Look at the image on the left. On the left is a closeup of one of the four chemical bunkers. The two arrows indicate the presence of sure signs that the bunkers are storing chemical munitions. The arrow at the top says 'Security' points to a facility that is a signature item for this kind of bunker. Inside that facility are special guards and special equipment to monitor for any leakage that might come out of the bunker." Then he moved to the vehicle next to the building. It was, he said, another signature item. "It's a decontamination vehicle in case something gone wrong.. It is moving around those four and it moves as needed to move as people are working in the different bunkers."

Powell's analysis assumed, of course, that you could tell from the picture what kind of truck it was. But pictures of trucks, taken above, are not always clear as we would like; sometimes truck hauling oil tanks look just like trucks hauling Scud launchers, and, while a picture is a good start, if you really want to know what you're looking at, you probably need more than a picture. I looked at the photographs with Patrick Eddington, who for many years was an imagery analyst with the CIA. Eddington examined them closely. "They're trying to say that those are decontamination vehicles," he told me. He had a photo up on his laptop, and he peered closer to get a better look. "But the resolution is sufficient for me to say that I don't think it is - and I don't see any other decontamination vehicles down there that I would recognize." The standard decontamination vehicle was a Soviet-made box-body van, Eddington said. This truck was too long. For a second opinion, Eddington recommended Ray McGovern, a 27 year CIA analyst, who had been one of George H. W. Bush's personal intelligence briefers when he was vice president. "If you're an expert, you can tell one hell of a lot from pictures like this," McGovern said. He's heard another interpretation. "I think," he said, "that it's a fire truck."

Friday, November 16, 2012

Mockery of the highest order

"When we heard Obama's victory speech last week, most would be touched by the humbleness and sincerity.. but when we look at the Palestinian plight then we see a mockery of that at the highest order.."

So said my supervisor, I couldn't agree more.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A story not to be judged

A dear friend came up to me one evening, very subtly putting things in my mind, testing the water. I've been through this before. And finally she confessed,

"I've an affair with somebody's husband."


"Don't judge me."

"I'm not!" Yes, truth is I was not. I was too busy judging the guy actually, and their marriage.

There will be some times in your life, you couldn't help but reflecting yourself and relating all the stories you heard. There must be a reason why she talked about this to me. And a reason why I heard about this from her.

See, it works both ways. Perhaps I was sent from the above to help her. And she was sent from the above as a reminder to me.

"What made him attracted to you?" I asked.

The usual answer. Wife is a successful lady in her career. Too intelligent to impress whatever he has to say about his works. My friend is way younger and of course intelligent successful man tends to be charismatic to her.

Noted. Big bold caps lock statement in my head.

"So what now?"

"I want to get out, but I don't know how. What do you think?"

"Honestly, if you stay, you're breaking your own heart. Would you stay knowing that with someone else you'll always be that someone's priority."

"But he did things for me that I don't think I can find in other guys."

Old habits are like that. Very hard to get away from the familiarity you have, very scared to walk to uncertainty, paranoid to lose what you thought was the best, but that's life. If you stop the adventure, you stop life.

"Baby steps ok."

But yesterday, about two weeks after she decided to tell me the whole thing, from the hardest time to even make the decision to walk away, she took a giant step to stop everything and walk out of it straight away.

A win win win situation. I could not be prouder.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Shortcuts, don't we all love them?

What is not to like?

It saves time, it's efficient, much shorter way to get to the destination.

But, life is not a shortcut.. Like it or not.

You need to wander around, make mistakes, get lost once in a while, in order for you to be sure and to remember the correct path to the destination.

The same applies to research life.

If you think you can do a research via shortcut, don't bother calling yourself a researcher, seriously.