Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goldcoast, Morib

It was Love's birthday, yesterday. I stole him for a short get-away at Goldcoast, Morib.

Funny story though. I bought the deal from mydeal, read the T&C carefully, called the number and asked whether it's okay if I checked in on the 17th Nov, 5 days before Love's birthday and she said okay. So, when I tried to book after I bought the voucher, suddenly they said there's a surcharge if I checked in any day  that is not on the birthday or not a day before or after the date. And of course, it's written in the T&C of the voucher (which I can only read after I bought and received the voucher) which differs than the T&C I read earlier. Whatever.. My first and last ok.

Anyway, the get-away was super fun. Our room had the nicest view, looking over the theme park.

The theme park was fun though, the entry for adults = RM20, for children = RM10. It was worth it. Khaira had fun for a while..

..10 minutes after, she was shivering cold. Lucky there's a small dry place for her to play..

But, we still wanted her to play with the water. Luckily there's a Jacuzzi inside the room. That was the best part. The hotel room was so-so, actually. Just the bathroom was marvelous. Khaira had super fun. Love even slept for like an hour in the Jacuzzi, apparently that's the only bath tub that can fit him. (T_T)

Dinner was good :) More than I expected.

The only pic of the three of us and I don't like this pic, semua muke tak ready :(

After dinner, Love received his gift, cake and certificate from the hotel.

All in all, it was a cycle. Love and Khaira happy = I'm super happy.

Happy birthday, Sayang. It was fun!! May we have an even more wonderful year ahead of us, with Spiderbaby around. Thank you for everything you've done to us. I'm forever blessed to have you as my husband. Whee!!

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