Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Colour for your braces

I guess the best thing about having braces is that I can always change the colour according to my mood.

So far I've tried Hot Pink..

Light Purple..


Royal Blue..

And currently I'm wearing Red :)

I've learned that lighter colours make my teeth looked yellow and my skin looked darker, I regretted light purple.

From Love's experience, he asked me to avoid white and yellow since they get dirty very fast.

I intend to try every other colours possible, then maybe have different colours for top and bottom or even different colours alternately like this..

Anyway, if you need help with braces colour selection, you might want to visit this very useful website..


Nadrah said...

I used to tukar2 color getah tp in the end i stuck with the basic colors shj... haha!!! it was fun at first.. i guess i got bored after wearing breces for a year

Dr. Ikeen said...

Haha!! Adoi! I still have more colours to try, i really hope i wont get bored!

Anonymous said...

Hey why was the last picture, the Royal blue one, the wire, it's also blue,it's kinda different from the rest. Why? thanks