Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Loving it!

Been super busy these past few days! Let me give you quick updates and reviews on what I have been up to lately..

1. Cherating

Took a day off and had a blast at Cherating with Love. :) My first visit to Cherating and definitely won't be the last. It was without a doubt the most beutiful beach (yang bukan island) I've ever visited in Malaysia. If island, it has got to be Pulau Beras Basah, Langkawi!!

Lucky that we went during monsoon, which also the time for surfing!

2. MAHA 2010

Had a visit to MAHA 2010 with my colleagues last Friday. I was not into these kind of things actually, but I figured it was great to throw a visit anyway. Lots of plants and foods and fruits and rabbits!! Comel gils, better than pets wonderland's rabbits. I WANT A PAIR OF RABBIT, PLEASE! I don't have any pics there by the way, too pack to camwhore! ;p

3. Barbeque and Partini

Had a barbeque at Nadrah's. Such awesome awesome night! Read all about it in her blog! Thanks, Nadrah, told ya you're a great party planner! Picture is from Nadrah's blog.

4. KL Motorshow 2010

Again, this is not my things. Was there with Love since he is a major car freak. He was busy with the cars, while I was busy looking at the show girls. Seriously, how freaking gorgeous are these girls, I couldn't take my eyes off them.

Me: "Fuiyo, Sayang, amoi tu cepat tengok, hot gile ok!"Love: "Ape ntah! Sibuk je amoi2 ni!"
Me: "What crap are you talking about? They are like super hot!"
Love: "See, I'm here because of the cars. And these people were so busy taking pictures of the girl with the car I couldn't even get inside the car. If they want to see girls, go to fashion show instead."
Me: "Geez, you're weird!"

I don't understand guys, seriously. The only car that caught my interest is this..

Which later that night I found out that it was the car that Tunku Abdul Rahman drove when he went to Dataran Merdeka to announce our independence. See, I was born geek.

5. Us on TV1

Did you watch us on TV1 last night? :) I feel like a superstar already! It was a show where they interviewed us for the 50th Anniversary of Malaysia-Korea Diplomatic Relations. Luckily, we've got to watch it. Unluckily, MIL and SIL were in Korea and we've forgotten to record it for their sake. Sigh.. Still, I'm on TV! Yay!


Mawar_Mohamad said...

Coolness ikeen!didnt know ur on tv mlm td.if tau,kak tgk! Cherating beach mmg cantik ;)

nadra186 said...

AAaaaa.. baca your blog baru tahu psal your tv1 interview... i baru tny kat facebook semlm ke tadi...

Izrin said...

ikeen, can get the cd from the rtm guy. ask abang to ask that Rosli guy.

Dr. Ikeen said...

Kak Mawar: Malu lah kalau kak tengok!!
Nadrah: Hee :) Envy your holiday at UK! Balik sile update blog!
Kak Izrin: Owh.. Can get a cd?? That would be nice! TQ Kak Izrin!