Thursday, December 9, 2010

Opportunities - Entry emo

Not the best day of my life..

You know in life we have so many needs?

Ok, at least I have so many needs. The needs of finishing my PhD, of having fun with my husband in every corner of the world, of having a big home with my kids running around, of having a red mini cooper, and the list goes on.

Sometimes we pray and pray hard for some things to happen in our life. And once, someone asked me, "When that opportunity comes, how do we know that it is meant for us?"

I paused. And looked back.

I've always wanted to be a lecturer. Once, before I finished my Bachelor Degree, I overheard my classmates talking about this particular lecturer who were looking for a Research Assistant. I immediately went to see the lecturer, and she was there, she interviewed me immediately, and I started working with her even before I finished my Bachelor. And now, she is the one that brought me here, my supervisor, my guidance through my Master, and currently my boss and my supervisor for PhD. The one I really looked up to. The one that gave me my dream job. I'm sure everyone has encountered such situation.

Anyway, in one of our sentimental moment, I messaged her, "Thank you, Puan for taking me in the first time I saw you. It means the world to me."

And her reply for me, "You're worth to be brought in here to begin with. You asked for it, you get it and you deliver.. the best that you could."

How sweet is that woman, kan? That's why I love her a lot.

Well, anyway, my point is not that. Point is, a lot of us asked. But once that opportunity is in front of us, can we actually deliver? (Reminder to self, also.)

Stop with all the excuse. Like my dad always said, "If you keep on finding solutions you'll find it, if you keep on finding excuses, you'll find a lot of that too."

Sangat sangat marah when people use the kind of excuse, "Takpelah, nak buat mcm mana, takde rezeki.."

OMG!! Please! You're not the one who decides whether ada rezeki ke tak. It's Allah SWT that should decide. Takde rezeki means, you work hard for it day and night, but if you still didn't get it, it's ok, Allah SWT has a way better plan for you. Takde rezeki means something like my flight to Bandung, I wanted to go there badly, then due to volcanic ash takde, so I redha. If you don't work for it, mcm mana you boleh kata takde rezeki?

This is so disappointing.

People can't keep pushing and pushing you to the top. I sangat sangat sangat disappointed, I nearly cried.

And I cried because I love you. A lot.

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