Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kedai lampu murah

Trust me, I've been wanting to blog about my new house since like forever.
But due to time constraint, I hold that thought for a while.

The whole month last month, Love and I were actually busy hunting for the lights for our house.

We'll get the key anytime now since we’ve finally closed the deal with our lawyers and pay the entire differential amount yesterday. So, big yay!! :D

After what seems like forever looking for the best kedai lampu, we found one in Puchong! Of course, the best time of the year to buy them is during end of year like this because... it’s CLEARANCE SALE!!

But before buying any lampu, we threw a visit to our home (which btw is walking distance with my mum’s) and counted the lampu’s point, also counted which point requires lampu atas and lampu tepi.

Since Love and I were totally opposite from each other, before any purchase, we made a deal, I was going to choose the lights for these particular areas, and he was going to choose for the rest. Else, we would end up with a big argument, hehe.

So this fav kedai of mine was suggested by Dad (my dad loves decorating the house), the name is “Top Ten”. If you come from Uniten to IOI mall, it is right before IOI mall on your left hand side you, can see it from the highway.

The purchase..

For dining area, I chose this, Love was not so happy about this ;p I freaking love this, plus it has 60% off.

For lampu tangga (side), he chose this, I chose the colour, black.

3 of these for all the toilets, each tak sampai 10 bucks :)

Bought 8 of these for the rest of the house; i.e kitchen, porch, rooms.

This is chosen by Love for our living room. In a different shop near Top Ten, no discount, but I don't mind at all. Name of the shop: "Ten-Gro Lighting". Cantik!

So, lampu dah settle for the whole house. Costs us around RM400 only. :)

Next purchase is curtain. Shopping masa CNY sale.

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