Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya!

First day Raya as a married couple was fun!

I am so blessed that both of our parents house are near to each other, cuz honestly, I can't imagine ever having to celebrate Raya anywhere not near my parents. So I guess u can get the idea as of why i am not doing my PhD overseas. I love travelling, but living other than Malaysia is a disaster, i just know my capability.

So, the deal is like this. A day before Raya in my parents house to help masak all the yummy ketupat and rendang!

Raya eve and Raya morning, in my in-law's.

Afternoon, in my grandparent's house in Kg Pandan where we had bersalam-salaman session with my family there.

Evening to Love's grandmother's house in Jln Duta.

The next day, to Kuala Selangor, my other grandmother's house, where we visited our must-do list for Raya, Bukit Melawati.

And yesterday, we went to Melaka for my mum's relatives houses.

One of my Aunty's has a house very near to the beach, it's like you open the door and, "Owh.. pantai...."

So we brought my niece and nephew with us to find these little guys..

Kasih dan sayang :)

Anyway this is our dinner, seriously, and it's yummy!

Love thanked me like multiple times for marrying him. He came from a small family, never went outstation like this, so he had fun. And i had even more fun. Hmmm.. i wonder how it would be ike if we had a child of our own..

Dear readers, selamat hari raya. Forgive me for all the wrongdoings. Maaf zahir batin!


Mawar_Mohamad said...

Wow raya must have been a blast for u two :-) nampak mcm seronok je all the raya activities.anyways,if ikeen can make it this sat pls let me know ok!

Syaza Nadrah said...

your raya sgt eventful... suke!!!!