Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today, i decided to send my car "Cooper" for routine service.

And since Love has a friend who owns a workshop, he decided to send it for me. Meaning that, we had to swap car today.

Once he arrived to his workplace at Rawang, which took about 2 hours of driving, I realized I left my office key in my car.

At first, I was like, "Nvm, I can stay in my research lab today." That was when I realized I am going to make a test for my students this evening and I left the questions in my room.

Luckily, I made a duplicate of the key and left it in my research lab. So I went to my research lab to look for the key, but it was nowhere to be found.

I thought, never mind, a few months ago I passed another copy of the key to the college's clerk for cases like this. So I went to see the clerk and he was on leave! What are the odds!

I had another plan though. I normally saved all my work in my thumb drive. That way I could reprint the test paper. So, I on my laptop, and I did not save it pulak this time. Boleh tak????

Another plan is to redo the question. But I gave hints to my students previously, and I could not really remember what questions I put in that test paper. Adoi! To redo is another headache since all my text books were in my room :(

Disappointed, I parked my car in the parking lot opposite of my office window and I realized that the balcony of my window is actually connected to my neighbour's window. And my neighbour just arrived to the office the moment I parked my car.

Ape lagi... Knocked her door, panjat balcony, and suddenly I remember that I locked my window, so it could not be opened from outside. Tension betul.

Then I remember one of the window was broken, so I pushed it here and there, and finally here I was..

In my office blogging about this. What a blessed morning.

Blessed? Yes, because when I was struggling panjat balcony, one lady shouted in panic, "OMG! What are you doing? You might fall.. bla.. bla.."

She was actually a new staff. I've been wanting to talk to her for quite some times but was too caught up with work and of course I was not the best people around when it comes to start a conversation.

She had been wanting to talk to me since like forever too, but too shy to start a conversation. Then, she came over to my room and we had a nice talk and we clicked like instantaneously.

Before we end the conversation, she said "You, next time, don't ever do that again, k!"

My reply to her was, "If it makes you come over and talk to me, it's a pleasure then. Few cuts won't hurt."

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