Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ayers Rock - Butcher and Grill

Had a weekend all by ourselves last week, and boy, it was good!

We barely had time to spend just for ourselves these past couple of months. With weddings and hang outs and family activities, so last weekend was the moment we have been waiting for, to just chill.

The morning we woke up, Love said, "I'm craving for burger."
He was a die hard fan of burger and I was not. For me, it was way too big to bite and sloppy and bla.. bla.. All the reasons why I hate them are just exacty why Love likes them. Funny!

"Let's have a burger then? Wendy's or Carl's Jr.?" I asked.
"I don't want any burger. I want Massive Burger!" He replied.
"The 500gram German's Deli?""Tak.. There's this one burger shop I've been craving to bring you.. Jom Bukit Jelutong!"

So off we went to Bukit Jelutong. Since we were there he dropped by to a friend's house palace (OMG! how cool is the house there!) for a jamming session.

Then we had Massive Burger. I had only the patty, I don't like the bread.

And it was the best patty I've ever tasted in my life, SERIOUSLY. :)


Ali said...

tempat ni yg dekat ngan tutti frutti tu ke?
heard about this place! must try soon...:)
burger looks awesome...and the size is about right for ur hubby and myself...hahaha...burger kecik2 ni buat kudap2 boleh la...:p

Dr. Ikeen said...

Haaa!! Yang dekat dengan tutti frutti! Kena try Abang! Patty dia 150 grams :)