Monday, January 24, 2011

Bring that braces on!

Had my braces on yesterday, which also means..

I've crossed off one of my "To achieve list 2011"! Alhamdulillah

Would like to share the procedures you have to go through for the braces:

1) Consultation. Some clinics give consultation for free, but mine, I have to pay RM50 for this

2) Moulding

3) Xray. Read all about my experience here.

4) Get your teeth pulled off, I had to pull off 4 teeth. The fourth teeth from front; one from top, one bottom, one left, and one right.

The first two teeth got off perfectly. Not that hurt since I took some pain killer.

The third teeth (bottom left) was really painful. Normally for bottom teeth, you get only one shot of local anaesthesia, but I had twice since it did not go numb. And the root was a bit bent, so imagine the pain.

The fourth teeth (top left) gave me even more headache :( Which reminds me to remind you this, if you're looking for a doctor to pull out your top teeth, find a specialist. Because the root looks like this..

Compared to the bottom one

Makes the top one easier to break.

And my doctor accidentally break my teeth, leaving the root stuck in my gum, which causing me two minor dental surgeries to remove it and the pain and the bleeding, jgn cakapla..

5) Have your braces on. First, the doctor will dry all the saliva in your mouth, put something to stretch your mouth and begin to glue the brackets in each tooth. The taste of the glue was super duper horrible. That I had to take a break and had some drinks for a while

Then, the best part was when the doctor asked you to pick the colour of your braces!! Put the wires on, and before you even realize it, you're done

Tak sakit pun!

Yup, wait for about 3 hours and tell me that again. I couldn't even sleep last night.


dinajais said...

how much did it cost eh keen? tot of having it done after all this while too

Dr Sumayy said...


Dr. Ikeen said...

Fai: Braces itself RM4k. So, if you accumulate all the moulding, consultation, cabut gigi, xray, should not exceed RM5k. Buat2! Kite jadi gang braces.

Dr. Sumay: Ini orang yang inspire saya :)