Saturday, January 15, 2011

A meaningful wedding present

I love all my wedding presents.

They vary from kain baju kurung, Tupperware, electrical appliances, dishes, solemnization shoes by BFF Maria and of course a microwave oven by dearest friends, Nadrah and co who were so thoughtful to bring over the largest wedding gift I ever received.

Anyway, one of Love’s colleagues bought him a book.

Panduan mencipta rumahtangga syurgawi: Mencontohi Rumahtangga Rasulullah S.A.W.

I would really think that the gift is more of for me, because Love and I were the total opposite of each other. HE DID NOT READ.

Anyway, let’s talk about this book.

You know the first month of marriage was the hardest. Though, you’ve been together for 9 years before you’re married, still..

You get home all tired, you have to cook, have to clean the dishes, have to do the laundry and your husband just do the thing they normally do before he was married; watching football while you did all these.

After a while, you discussed about how life would be easier if you helped each other, your husband agreed, then you started to see the fun of marriage.

And in this stage, after reading this book, we’d be fighting to actually do things for each other.

Because as much we, women think that our responsibility is just to take care of our kids.. and as much as the men think that it’s our culture that women have to do everything for the house.. it comes back to one thing.

How great we are in the eyes of the Almighty that we both did something for our partner, even the smallest thing in the world.

Quoting from the book..

1) Wanita yang menyapu lantai dengan berzikir dapat pahala seperti membersihkan Baitullah.
2) Mana-mana wanita yang membakar roti untuk suaminya hingga muka dan tangannya kepanasan oleh api, maka diharamkan muka dan tangannya dari bakaran api neraka.
3) Jika seorang wanita meminyakkan rambut suaminya dan janggutnya, dan memotong misainya dan kukunya, diberi minum Allah akan dia sungai syurga diiringi Allah baginya sakaratul maut, dan didapati kuburnya menjadi taman-taman syurga, serta mencatatkan Allah baginya pelepasan dari neraka dan selamatlah melintasi Siratul mustaqim.

That makes both of us wonder, senangnye nak dapat pahala bile dah kawin. Insya Allah.

TQ Yanti, this is a lesson that we’ll forever treasure.

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