Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nicknames for your better half?

I am quite comfortable with the nickname I use to call Love.


It goes like this, "Sayang, boleh tak you tolong I bla.. bla.. bla.." It's Sayang, you and I. (Or sometimes when i needed to use my charm, it'd be Gorgeous or Sweetheart.)

The same goes to him, he calls me Sayang too.

But recently, I read one of the Islamic book my dad always left on the dining table and came across one particular part out of boredom. It said something like how the wives should call their husbands "Abang", to show respect to their husbands rather than calling him any other nicknames with "I" and "you" as pronouns whereby it shows that your husband and you are in the same level.

Ouch! It feels like someone mocking me right in my face.

But, seriously, "Abang"?

I called my brother "Abang". I called my cousins and my colleagues "Abang". I even called every male cashier on earth as "Abang".

I could not even bring myself to call my husband of all people as "Abang". For me, it is not as special as "Sayang". You don't go and call every male stranger you meet as "Sayang".

I am so comfortable on the way I called him "Sayang" or "you". In my humble opinion, it feels like talking to friends when I used the pronouns "I" and "you", and hence it feels like no barrier in between. He is my bestest best friend after all.

When I got so angry with him for the mess he did, i'd go like, "Sayang, how many times I tell you to not put this here!"

Or in the middle of argument when he still call me as Sayang, it makes things a lot easier, and the anger a lot lesser.

But, after reading that article, i seldom wonder, what should i call him to show that i put him in another level higher than myself. Any other nicknames, other than "Abang".

And anything other than "papa" or "ayah" or whatever, that is so NOT sexy! Please someone mock me if i ever call him that once we have a baby.

Truth is I couldn't find any nickname better than "Sayang".

So, to make myself comfortable I keep telling myself that it doesn't matter what you call him, as long as he knows the amount of respect you have for him. It does help..


*Pic from google, the first pic is edited from Sayang, you can dance.

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