Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Love's Master Convo Finalllyyyyyyyy!!!~

I remember Love started doing his Master back when I was pregnant with K. K is five now.

Guess what?

He finally graduateddddddd!!!! Alhamdulillah.

People said he had it easy for thesis because he has me to push him, tak jalan ok, he did not do anything for two years.. stuck at thesis. Tak dengar cakap this one, so.. noo, I hope he's not considering to do his PhD, otherwise the headache is on me ;p

To be fair, he has a hectic schedule at work. Nonetheless, he did awesomely well for coursework.

Jokes aside, congratulations Sayang!! I'm proud of you!

Remember how he proudly wore T-Shirt on my PhD and Master convocation years ago..

Look what I surprised him withhhhhh... Tadaaa

It says "Attending my Abi's Master Convo"

Much love, everyoneee!!!~

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