Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gaucho Grill

As I mentioned previously, when you got married a lot of people wanted to buy you lunch or dinner, right? So, I discovered a new makan/lepak place called Gaucho Grill in Chulan Square.

The price range is more or less the same as Chilli's. But the best part is that during weekdays, they had this promotion where you pay RM 28 for your lunch set and you'll get free buffet of vegetables. Not so excited, I'm not a big fan of vegies btw, but the asparagus is really really yummy!!

Anyways, I went there with Love and his parents. Hadn't really try variety of foods there as Love and his parents had beef steak and I tried the lamb chop. But, I discovered soemthing very interesting that day..

See, mum-in-law had her steak medium rare, dad-in-law had his steak medium and Love's steak was medium well. I didn't know that it made a whole lot difference on the taste of the steak depending on how you cooked it. Medium rare is a lot more tender, but I just couldn't stand the blood. So, my fav is still well done.

I googled on some Degree of cooking in wikipedia, I think it's fun to share this with you:

Raw - Uncooked.
Seared, Blue rare or very rare - Cooked very quickly; the outside is seared, but the inside is usually cool and barely cooked. The steak will be red on the inside and barely warmed.
Rare - The outside is gray-brown, and the middle of the steak is red and slightly warm.
Medium rare - The steak will have a fully red, warm center.
Medium - The middle of the steak is hot and red with pink surrounding the center. The outside is gray-brown.
Medium well done - The meat is light pink surrounding the center.
Well done - The meat is gray-brown throughout and slightly charred.
Overcook - The meat is dark throughout and slightly bitter.

Anyway, this is the latest picture of Love and me..

Please tell me the specs make me look rounder.


Ir. Dr. Shafa said...

kakak, u look nice in everything u're wearing. in fact, u look like "hey!!! don't mess with me,okay. i know what i'm doing. do you???". hehehe...

dinajais said...

i like ur new hair do!!!

Dr. Ikeen said...

Shafa: Haha. That makes me sounds like a gangster, ok! Thank u, Shafa. :)

Fai: I had them cut and you're the first to realize it without me telling :)

Ir. Dr. Shafa said...

kakak : it's good to have a gangster look for a lecturer so that the students won't mess with u... bwahahaa...