Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A good laugh

I don't usually get jokes. :(

Except the nerd ones. Yeah, lame!

When Love told me some jokes from his WhatsApp friends, he had to tell me at least twice, with some explanation on the jokes afterwards and ended it with, "Sayang, it's no longer fun when I have to explain the joke to you!"


Take this one joke he told me recently..

Love: I wish if Jessica Biel had a son, she would name him "Batmo"
Me: Whaaatttt??

He repeated the jokes and said, "Sayang do you get it?"

Me: Batmo. No. Whattt?
Love: Try to combine the son's name with the surname.
Me: Still don't find it funny.
Love: Laaaa... Batmo Biel (as in Batmobile, Batman's car. WTH??)

*Crickets sound*

Love: Tak kelakar ke?
Me: Shouldn't it be Batmo Timberlake?


I'm that lame...

I didn't join in when my family gathered in front of the TV to watch Maharaja Lawak or Karoot Komedia, because I only understand perhaps about a quarter of the jokes. Which most of the times, Love thinks I misunderstood them. So. Sad.

But last night, Love and I decided to have a date night and to support our local quality movie, we watched Lawak Ke Der 2.

And Oh my Goddd... I had a good genuine laugh! Seriously. Was so funny that I feel like watching it all over again.

Go watch everybody! Let's support our local quality movie like this, yay! Kudos to Hans Isaac, Harith Iskander, Nabil, Boboi and Jozan. Jangan main2, now I can differentiate between Johan and Zizan already okeh!

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