Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baiti Jannati

Despite of my hectic schedule during thesis writing, I stole a day out of my lab for this..

Of course I was the only one with my laptop on to write my thesis and my friends called me nerd. ;p Anyhow, I thank Allah SWT everyday for my ability to multitask.

The gist of the talk is on parenting and family given by Ustaz Pahrol Juoi. I found the talk very interesting and for that, I would like to take a little time out to share it with all of you.

To recall everything a month after sounds 'wow' kan.. So, I'm gonna share one thing I learned most from the talk.. It's the act of giving in our relationship.

In life, we KNOW that everything we have actually belongs to the Almighty. The husband that we seldom complained about, the kids that we sometimes took for granted, everything belongs to Him. It's the realization that Ustaz Pahrol Juoi keeps repeating in his talk. "Repetition is the mother of knowledge".

So when we know that whatever in life is just a lent, we must appreciate them better. And that whatever we do to them, we must do it for Allah SWT.

The realization actually changed the way I look into my marriage. And for once I can relate to what Saiful Islam always stressed on.. "erti hidup dalam memberi.."

There are times in life where ones can be demanding. I expected for Love's support at the critical time of my phd. He expected me to be the superwife at the critical time of my phd. Life can be demanding.

But after attended the talk,  I realized that I have to stop demanding and start giving. Sometimes we feel like what we give is not appreciated. But it's ok. Because what we did is actually for Allah SWT and He'll give us even more returns in the end.

A simple concept but means a lot to me.

Ask anybody who did his/her phd while being married. It's not easy.. but personally for me, I am truly blessed.

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