Wednesday, March 18, 2015

K in kindy

Month 3 in kindy.

Oh wow.

Did I just type that?

Did I seriously survive a crying toddler every morning to school?

Wow! There should be some kind of award for this (T_T)

First month, crying everyday for two weeks. Just when the crying about to subside, down with mild fever, a day MC and the whole drama of "I don't want to go to school" began.

Just about to get better, a few days after that another MC for UTI. UTI stands for urinary tract infection, we detected it because she peed very frequently, like once every hour. Happened due to not enough fluid in the body and hygiene. So we bought her a new 1L 'Frozen' water bottle for kindy and taught her how to clean herself after peeing, before this we did everything for her, we thought she knew how to do it herself.

A week plus after that, just about the crying subsided, she was down with some kind of naughty viral infection. Cannot pee, shaking, vomiting, headache, cough, running nose, and pain in joints. Fever hiked up to 39 for more than 3 days, antibiotics didn't do much.After a week and still the same, third visit to clinic made us ended up in pediatrician's office, blood test showed everything was fine. Ped asked us not to give fever medicine until the fever goes beyond 38 so the body will develop own antibody and she said it was very normal because before this she was in confined environment, and now she was about to familiarize herself with all the viruses around her. Should get better but a little slow. Alhamdulillah, indeed she made fast recovery that same day after seeing the Ped. Ped said she would be on and off with fever for a couple more month until her body familiar with the viruses around her. Alhamdulillah, 2 months after, she only had one mild fever.

After she recovered from viral fever, the school was attacked with chicken pox. 30 out of 60 students were infected, can you imagine? Left me no choice, but to stop sending K for a while until the KKM asked the school to close down for a week.

Then, again.. just about the crying subsided again, guess guess.. Khaira was down with chicken pox. 2 weeks MC that obviously later on infected Aisha.

As far as I can remember, this is the first time, Khaira went to school for 8 days straight without MC. Still crying, at days very little, at days very very bad, but overall it just gets better. Both the body and the emotion. The drama. The drama.

In and out of clinic, such experienced we have never felt before. Used to go to clinic once in three months, now like, hello, here we are again! (T_T)

As the after school tantrum and "clingy"ness subsided, my emotional torture of leaving her and dying inside everytime she cries subsided as well. Now rasa nak gigit everytime dia nangis.

But all these hassles are just proven worth it.

Khaira now dah pandai solat, all the bacaan dalam solat dah betul. She recited a few doas with English translation. She can zikir after solat and while playing, jangan main2, lagi banyak pahala than Ibu ok. Main pon zikir. She can read very fluently now. Although roughly macam baru sebulan setengah school sebab banyak sangat MC, the teacher must have done a good job. She made friends, taught us lots of new songs.

My little girl is not so little now.

Ahhh.. I'm just glad the drama is over. To a healthier years ahead, Bismillah!

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