Thursday, September 10, 2015

Horse riding

So many events come and go.. I couldn't find time blogging about it. But this one is worth the catching up session.

Khaira has been forever obsessed with this Disney movie called "Brave". I'm not particularly happy with it. But, hey.. better than "Frozen" anyway.

In this movie, there is this Princess called Merida. She's good at horse riding and archery. Sunnah kan.. and Khaira has been obsessed with these two as well.

A friend of ours recently held a birthday party at a horse riding club, cowboy style.. so we thought we would all be dressing up like cowboy and cowgirls..

Except Aisha. We dressed her up as a cow instead. Ohhh.. the fun..

Khaira got to ride a horse, she has been so obsessed with horses since she was small. We would frequently visit the horses in my office where she claimed one of the horses is hers and named the horse as "Nurul Asyikin" sigh..

It was a very wonderful and memorable event for K.

Happy birthday to Hareez and Adleena. And thanks Ainee and Krel for having us!

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