Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Khaira's swimming class

I have been very interested to have a swimming class for Khaira lately. Reasons are:
1. Because it's sunnah!
2. So she knows what to do in the water; safety purposes
3. Because I can't swim. And she needs to be better than me ;p
4. To exercise her lungs
5. Because she has been persistently insisting me to bring her to one.

The Groupon offer for Erika Peres swimming class (EPS) came in at a perfect timing. Not only I can try to see if the class is suitable for Khaira, but also I can gauge whether Khaira is really interested in swimming.

The class is held in Tropicana Golf and Country Resort, which we fell in love almost immediately when we entered the club. Nothing like KDE or Lake Club. It has this resort feeling when you walked in.

And there are houses in this club house, organic farm (can you imagine?), and the swimming pool.. oh wow!

First class went well, although she was a little bit hesitant in some parts. I let Love accompany her though K at first insisted me to be in the water with her, so they have a bonding time. I had my bonding time over roller blades with my dad when I was young, and now I always cherished that.

Aisha pon loves water, so not like Ibu!

While K went swimming, I had my breakfast by the swimming pool. So niceeeeee!!!

Second class, Love started off with submerging K in the water to play around with her and that backfired very badly. K said "No more swimming class" and went very moody for the whole hour. We learned that, *Rule number 1 in swimming (and perhaps in life)*: never let her do things that she doesn't want to do. Because the one who loses in the end is YOU!

We were discouraged. But Mr. Peres said that *Rule number 2 in swimming (and perhaps in life)*"Persistent is the key."

Third class, had so much fun again! When she refused to do things, we talked to her. Sometimes, she'd do it, other times she wouldn't. But she was one happy kid, and so were we. So, in the end everybody won!

We concluded that Khaira is ready for swimming class but still uncertain whether to proceed with EPS. I think the coach is good, the kids have fun, the price is decent, the facilities are superb, but the problem is on our side. I don't think we can commit to get all 10 lessons to be done in 12 weeks.

So, contemplating.. and looking.

If you guys have any idea where to have one, do let us know! Much love!

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