Monday, August 28, 2017

Exploring Bangkok in 10 hours!

When Love invited me to come with him to Foo Fighters in Bangkok, I was pissed! He refused to bring me to Coldplay in Singapore as he said the tickets were too expensive. So to protest, I did not go.

But I wanted to go to Bangkok as I have never been there before. 7 years back, we drove all the way to Dannok but we did not go beyond that. I wanted to get the feel of real Thailand.

So I made a crazy decision. Took the first flight to Bangkok alone to meet my post Foo Fighters husband and went back that evening itself so I'd get to spend the night with my girls.

It was fun!

My flight was at 6.40am Malaysia time and I reached Thailand at 8am their time. Love waited for me at the airport and off we went to Wat Arun around 40 mins travelling by taxi from airport.

Then we took an hour boat ride along Chao Phraya river. Got the feel of buying pineapple from floating market.

Afterwards we strolled along the street until we reached the museum.

From museum we took a 45 minutes tuk tuk to Terminal 21, their famous shopping mall. Had the best Tom Yam Goong at The Fish Cafe.

Then straight to airport to fly home at 5.40 pm Thai time.

Feeling all gangsta you see, flying alone, tuk tuk without helmet or seat belt and boat ride without safety jacket for quite some times. Then, when I remember trying to hide all these tiny details to my dad back at home, I realized I'm still a rebellious daughter 😅

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