Monday, May 14, 2018

Aisha in kindy

2018 is a big milestone for Love and I not only because K is in Standard 1, but our youngest baby is in Kindy already!!!! How time flies.

Deciding which kindy to go was another difficult tasks and I have planned for years as well.

Undoubtedly, I love Little Caliph's syllabus but K had the worst history with that kindy.

On the other hand, we have always loved Genius Aulad, but the syllabus didn’t challenge K mentally. I always believe in the old saying, “if you’re the best in the room, you’re in the wrong  room.” Hence.

After years of thinking, we decided to give LC another chance. As the principle has changed, we hoped for a better management.

First day was ok for Aisha, she didn’t magically participate, but she wasn’t crying either. Only thing, she slept half way of the class (and this continued throughout her LC life).

However after a week, she kept complaining about a boy who kept on hitting her. Every day and it finally got to a point that she refused to go to school on the third week. We complained to the teacher and teacher said that the boy had a delay in development as he couldn’t understand instructions and behaved like 7mo still.

But the school principal was so kind to stay with Aisha the next day to make sure she wouldn’t be hit again. But guess what? My baby girl went home half naked, no pants or panties.

Aisha’s side of story, she peed in her class because the teacher wouldn’t let her go to the toilet. And since her backup pants that I provided her was wet earlier as they had water activity, teacher just let her go.

Teacher’s side of story, the principal left the class about half an hour before they released the student home. Teacher was busy releasing the kid when Aisha requested to go to toilet. She accidentally peed which was unusual as she hadn’t  peed on herself for years. No backup pants as there was water activity earlier and lots of parents didn’t bring extra pants in the bag so they need to used the ones in the kindy.

Me? I didn’t send my girl to an islamic kindy just so a teacher would release my daughter home half naked.

I didn’t think twice. I know the principal had done her best, but if her best is not even half of what I expected, I guess the answer was clear. I took a time off. So did my husband. Both of us cancelled our meeting, under heavy pouring rain, I went to A's kindy and decided to pull her out immediately.

And it has been 5 months now, she is more than happy in GA. It's like deja vu all over again. Fully awake throughout her class. And Alhamdulillah shine more than we expected.

Since school, she catch up on her studies very fast, Alhamdulillah. She’s finishing Iqra’ 2, she memorized 8 surahs already, finishing Cepat Membaca 1 and already in Adam Dina 3. She spoke English everyday.

I let her go to her first school trip when she was not even 4. Well, I was reluctant but Love followed her all the way and she only joined half of the time, so, compromise lah kan.

Recently she had a Sport’s Day. And boy, look how happy and energetic she was.

During the sport’s day, one parents talked to me and told me she admired Khaira and remembered her from last year's concert. Too sweet ok! Dah keluar GA pon ada peminat Kakak K!

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