Monday, October 10, 2011

Raya 2011 :)

Raya has been super fun for me.. Alhamdulillah, once again I had the chance to meet my 'life'..

And we have a new addition in my in law's family this year..

Kak Izrin! Missing in the pic, sister-in-law currently in Korea. But, she called me that Raya eve, so.. tadelaa sedih sangat.

Went to quite a lot of open houses this year. Among the most interesting one is Esan's open house. We were in the same Mandarin class back then, and we were HUGE fans of Upin Ipin. Was excited for his open house to meet his adorable daughter, Zafreen!!!

Finally, got the chance to bring Love over to my uncle's house; who owns some sort of farm.

Happy to see that Love and my family / cousins are getting closer and closer each day. My little cousin, Danish was excited upon seeing Love's new Liverpool jersey, he changed to his jersey too..

I got the chance to meet my friends from all over the world this Raya. Rezeki pregnant mummy, everyone got to see my tummy.

I'm glad I had the chance to meet BFF Qdin who came back to Malaysia for a couple of days during Raya.

Met Fai who came all the way from Aberdeen.

Met Go San, Love's friend from Japan.

Met my soulmates..

Catch breakfast with FJoe, whose sister-in-law just gave birth inside her car!!Btw, my new favourite breakfast spot has got to be Subang Ria!

Met my relatives a lotttt!! :) Just last weekend mum threw a small kenduri doa selamat for my delivery. My younger brother threw a surprise by sponsoring a birthday cake for me; a yummy carrot cake!

Aaahhhhh.. I miss Raya already. Raya haji tak besh! I'll be in confinement, tak dapat makan rendang, bwekk!!

Just so you know, I ate A LOT throughout Raya, from the first week of Raya until now, I gained consistently 1 kg each week.. Gemokkkk!!! So, if you're wondering how much I gained as of now, it's 12 kgs altogether ok. Benci. Maximum I can gain is 12 kgs. Dah max out!!!! Tamau makan Obimin lagi, gemokkk!!!

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