Thursday, December 22, 2011


I remember how I was a bit reluctant when he first came to me and asked me to become his final year project (FYP) supervisor. I was about to have my maternity leave the second semester of his FYP, that would be tough.

But to turn a student down was not even an option. I took him anyway. He proved himself worthy when he did everything I asked. Not only that, he questioned back, pieces by pieces until he managed to put them in one big picture.

When you see yourself in another person, you would do everything under the sky to help him. His persistence, his patience, his curiosity.. just enlightened me and smothered me at the same time. Hehe. Imagine, he would call me at midnight to ask about his project, super funny!

Then, at the critical moment, there I was. I gave birth, I got confined, and I had a hard time juggling between a mother, a PhD student, a lecturer, a supervisor and a 'supervisee' (is there such a word?) at the same time.

He came over every now and then. We discussed through phone most of the time. How hard.. long distance supervising for someone as new as me, you wouldn't even want to imagine.

His last visit, we had a long serious discussion. I am sure happy with his technical ability. I was a proud supervisor when his paper got published in a conference. But his ability on selling his project worried me BIG time. Love helped me brainwashed him, spent an hour teaching him on his presentation skills; two days before his actual presentation.

And just about an hour ago, he called. Thanking Love and me because..



Just about I feel soooooo hard to go back to work.

To you, I'm proud of you :) This is the highlight of my supervising career.

To Love, what more can I say.. :)


Melissa said...

super proud of you ikeen :))

Sumayyah Mohd Idris said...

wooowwww, Tahniahhh! :) ermm.. ermm.. to him, also Congrats. bagus sgt! :)

Dr. Ikeen said...

Alhamdulillah. Thank you Esme and Dr. Sumay!