Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ramadhan buffet review 2012

So, the first Ramadhan buffet we had this year was in Kelab Darul Ehsan (KDE), Ampang. Three years in a row we had iftar here with the in laws, it became a tradition already I guess. Price was around RM59 per adult. They serve local food, and I shall rate this 3/5 :)

However, if you're bringing a baby, make sure either you came really early for the high chair or you bring your own stroller. The place is convenient for baby though, Khaira sleeps happily while we ate.

With our friends in Uniten, we had iftar at Seoul Garden again. Price is about RM42 per person. Which was worth it. I had a lot of crabs and clams that my allergy worsen the next morning. Still, worth it :)

But, my baby seem unsettled here. It became hot and sticky when everyone started cooking. Plus, I did not eat that much because you know, taking turns to eat + cooking + talking. Haha, not the best place for babies I guess.

I must say, I am very happy with Ramadhan this year. We planned it very thoroughly and we had the chance to iftar with everyone. My grandparents, Love's grandmom, my girlfriends, SABians, supper with Ampang people.

With my family, this year we went to Murni Discovery, Sunway. Our new favourite makan place! They had buffet for RM 25 per person. But I just had ala carte. Maggi goreng softshell crab. Maggi goreng was nice. Guess I must have forgotten how artificial soft shell crab tasted like. But the buffet was crazy!! They serve all the Marylands and Chops, yummy! But the drinks, they serve only cordial. So, no fancy Pink Panther or what not. For me, with servings like Murni Discovery, who needs buffet anyway? So, I'm happy with ala carte.

Also, I must say, surprisingly Khaira seems convenient here. They gave her high chair. And a salesman came selling an Angry Bird toy for Khaira, so she became a happy baby. And everyone was happy, end of story. Hehe.

With Love's colleague, we had iftar at one of the golf's club in Shah Alam. Guess it was KGSAAS, a treat from his boss. Nice lady, may Allah SWT bless you. Local food, ikan bakar ultimate sedap!! And sup gearbox!! First time I found this in a buffet.

This is an open air restaurant. Quite warm for the babies. Luckily, Khaira was pretty contented with the bananas and grapes, she ate seriously a lot.

The final iftar we had this year was with my girlfriends in Murni Discovery, Taipan. Here, Love and I shared Nasi Goreng Tomyam + Lamb Chop + Ayam Pandan. The serving was quite small compared to Murni SS2 and Sunway. And the Nasi Goreng Tomyam was not as nice. But I think the Ayam Pandan was a lot yummier than SS2's.

Open air, no wind, but Khaira was ok. Ramai aunty2 melayan. :)

Owh.. with Sabians, since most of us came with our babies, we had our iftar in Hafiz's and Ain's place. Pot luck. I Love brought his yummy potato salad, yup he cooked it with pieces of bacons. Sedappp!!

And with Ampang people, we planned to have it in Great Eastern, but something came up. So, we had a supper somewhere near our place. (After a failed attempt of having burger bakar.. Stuck in a jam only to find out kedai tutup!) (T_T)

And now, to Raya mood!!!!!!!!!! Well in a while, after I'm done with my critical review.. *Chaiyo!*

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