Monday, October 29, 2012


I have an obsession with..

..a real life..

serial killer :(

I know.. I know.. Please don't judge me.

It all started with Zodiac the killer. Then after years, I found my shelf started to fill up with some serial killer books and I was glued on documentary about them and at one time, I had to stop myself from finding out about them when I was pregnant.

Such obsession that I was not at all proud of.

I found it mind stimulating about how they managed to deceit the police; on how they teased them, I mean come on.. Are you not challenged by this??

I guess, when I read/watched about them, I am more focused on the clues they left behind. Or the covering up they did, such genius people, but for the wrong purpose.

But after watching 'Sinister' yesterday, my glass shattered. I never actually imagined 'how', always 'why' they killed their victims.

And the 'how' is really sickening! Made me dizzy the whole day yesterday.

Oh what a way to end my date with Love.

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