Monday, July 22, 2013

Khaira's progress on flash cards!

I guess it's been a while since I last talked about Khaira ♥

She's doing well in her flash cards thingy. Despite of my hectic schedule, I still try my best to teach her hijaiyah everyday.

Along the way, I almost gave up on teaching her. Her progress was not as I expected. I guess Al Furqan method was not suitable for her. I mean, she super love the song.. but there's no stickiness factor. It just doesn't stick.

She would remember her Aa, Ba, Ta today and got confused between Ba, Ta and Ya the next day. Even counting the dots didn't work for her.

When BFF Sumayyah ordered Al Barqy for us, I tried the method with Khaira. The way to use flash cards are the same, but the letters you introduced to her differ. The first four combinations..

On the first day I taught her, she already memorized two out of the four cards. And even when I showed her the letters not in sequence, I just randomly picked between the four cards, she already knew which is which by day three.

On day 7, I managed to capture this.. :) *Watch her video on youtube there.

As of today, she's still progressing very well. She can differentiate the Ba, Ta and Ya. Ja and Ha. And I am ever so excited to take 5 minutes of her day to teach her all these.

There are ups and downs in teaching our little ones of course. But the ups make everything worth it. Happy teaching, mommies!!

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