Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello Jobs!

My Note 2 suddenly went kaput :(

That one fine morning, I woke up, recited Quran using my Note 2 and after I was done, the phone became really really hot at the screen near the speaker area. I turned off to let it cool down, then I did not manage to turn it on again.

Motherboard gone, after nearly 4 years. Not bad at all.

At the second year, after OS update, it went crazy until I reformat, which made me swore to not using Android anymore.

At the third year, I lived with that annoying crack screen which affected my front camera, no more selfie.

Before it went kaput, it did not give me any problem at all. So, I contemplated to stay with Samsung or to change.

But, I always believe, the signs are given to me in many ways. My phone went kaput 3 days before iphone SE was released in Malaysia. What better signs do I need. I've always wanted an iphone, but chose Note 2 because of the Stylus previously. I'm done with Stylus.

So, on the 13th May, say hello to my new phone, after queuing up early in the morning at Machines, I got one in my favourite colour, rose gold. Then, I saw SE in Gold, I think it looks nicer (T_T)

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