Monday, May 23, 2016

Siblings love

I have always wanted a sister back then.

Somebody I can talk to, share stuff with, trust wholeheartedly.

I have two brothers instead; one 5 years younger, the other 7 years younger. Age gap, too far apart.

When I was blessed with two little girls, 3 years age different, I have always envied what they have.

An older sister whom always aware that whatever she does will be mimicked back, so she needs to behave.

A younger sister who looks upon so highly of the older sister that her second word she pronounced after "Bu" was "Kak". Always need to catch up with her older sister, so she needs to behave as well.

Recently, I have witnessed the dark sides of having a sister. And trying very hard to get the playback out of my system.

But, in every big event occurring in my life, it comes with a bigger lesson in it.

Siblings love.

That is what I need to teach my daughters from now on. That is my amanah.

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah.

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