Thursday, March 15, 2012

The best thing about a lecturer is..

..that you can have a big influence to your students!

I figured that, other than technical stuff, I can also teach them ethics and morals.

So yesterday, I tried a new technique. Next week, I am going to have a mid term test for my class. I love giving hints to them; whether subtle hints or direct hints. So, I told these little fellas, "If ALL of you can do whatever I asked you to do correctly, within an hour, I will give you hint for mid term."

For the first time, they were really struggling. Quarter of the class finished within half an hour. Since my requirement is that EVERYONE needs to finish within an hour, so those who finished early, I asked them to help their friend.

Example, this one Malay guy who barely speaks English in my class, I asked him to help the foreigner guy. I said, "'A', go and help 'K'!"

His reply was, "'K' yang mana, Mam?"

It's the middle of semester already ok, and they don't even know their classmates! So, this way, I helped them mingle around. The Chinese guys help the Malay ladies. It was fun looking at them rushing to meet the time.

To help them "ease" out the pressure, I'd add every now and then, "If you get it wrong ni, have to blame your 'teacher' yang guide you! Haha(add my evil laugh)" *Teacher is referring to the friend that helped them.

Anyway, in my class, they were about 4 couples (as in boyfriend girlfriend) partner up together. 2 of the 4 couples finished within half an hour. And these particular 2 couples, from my observation, were in "flirting" mode. So, once they were done, I asked them, "Pick any of your friend who have not yet done, go and help them."

About 5 minutes after my instruction, they were still sitting next to each other side by side flirting. I let them be. Takkan nak suruh tolong dalam paksaan, tak ikhlas kan?

So, after that, I instructed again in general, "If you're done, better help your friend kay! If ALL of you couldn't get it done in an hour, no hints!"

They were still flirting with each other, rasa macam cakap dengan kayu! So I purposely walked behind these lovebirds, and the girl was saying to the guy, "Is it ok for us not to help these people?"

"Ala.. other people can help.." The guys said and continued discussing about dinner.

Whateverlah girl! Your choice.. But don't complaint if one day once you get married, that guy refused to help you with house work. You made that choice. Should have seen the sign from beginning ;p

Anyhow, something good came up in the end. 'K' was having difficulty with his subject. And since next week is midterm, I asked him if he wanted some help for his test. But he said, "It's okay Mam, 'A' wanted to help me out for my test."

:) Once, they were strangers..

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