Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tips to increase your milk supply :)

*Not that I'm an expert, but since 'sharing is caring', so I thought.. Why not? :)

1) Du'a
- Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 60
- Surah Hujurat
- Recite Ya Mattin "The Forceful One"

2) Foods
- Among foods that are known to increase our breastmilk: Alfalfa, Fenugreek, Cumin, Dates, Milk, Cheese, Soy, Veges, White Radish, etc.
- Every mother has different foods that work as their booster. As for me, my personal fav. is white radish.

- Though, I really believe as long as you eat and drink a lot, you'll produce lots of milk!
- Food to avoid: Chives!!

3) Supplement
- Just google and you can find lots and lots of supplements, they work best as a booster, not to be consumed everyday.
- I've tried Galacta and Shaklee. Again, since supplement works differently for everyone, Galacta works like magic for me. Shaklee tade effect for me. But if you would like to try Shaklee, a friend of mine, Kdy sells it, her link is in "I ♥ these" belah kanan blog ni.

4) Pumping
- Pump every 2/3 hours. I pump at least 3 times a day. Double pumping.
- Find a breast pump that suits you. I am currently using Spectra 3, I don't think it's suitable for me. Thinking of changing to Medela FS for our second baby, boley ke Sayang?

5) Marmet/Hand expressed

- Important to empty your breast after pumping or nursing.
- I superlove marmet because milk can be expressed faster than manual pump, cuma penatttt.. But, I think everytime I marmet, the next pumping session will make me expressed more milk.

6) Power pumping
- I tried this once, since last Monday my supply is not as high as usual. It works like magic!!
- Technique: Pump for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, pump again for 10 minutes, then rest and continue for an hour.

7) Stimulation..
..from your baby!!!

8) Rest
- Having a baby sure is tiring, but make sure you get some rest whenever possible.
- Enjoy your pumping session by remembering your baby as much as possible.
- Take a nap!
- Andddd.. visualization. You should have a control over your own body :)

Hope it helps! Kalau ada any other tips, silelah share ye :)

If you've tried everything, but still you don't succeed, always remember Allah SWT has a greater plan for you k? Yang penting, usaha. Doa pun part of usaha!

*Pics from google


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