Monday, March 26, 2012

BFF vs. bundle of joy!

So, my best friend is back..

2 years outside Malaysia and let's see what he already missed..

1) Me getting married to the love of my life.
2) Me giving birth to well.. my life.

So, imagine how "culture shock" he became when he met me! Even more, he's the type of guy whose not yet ready to commit to anything.

When I was pregnant/gave birth to Khaira, he rarely asked me about my pregnancy/baby. To be honest, I was quite worried. He looked as if he tried to avoid the 'baby' conversation whenever possible.

I don't blame him though. See, I once promised him nothing will change with me, be it when I'm married or with a baby. And even specifically told him, "If I ever be a different person than I am now, you are the one whose responsible to wake me up!!"

So, after I got married, everything is pretty much the same. I once told him, "Once I have a baby, we can still lepak every now and then, my mum will take care of the baby!" (I am VERY sorry, Khaira!)

Little did I know, once Khaira was born, it became so hard not to have Khaira in my arms even for a moment. Everything I do, I think of her. And the love that I have for her is so deep that the following conversation took part..

Him: Joms gi Cranberries. Kapal pon pegi kan?
Me: Nooo.. i can't bear to leave Khaira..

And.. It's Cranberries!! So, every passing day, I can feel the distant between me and him. Imagine, we did not talk to each other for about 4 months after the baby was born, when previously he'd call me every now and then from there.

For a while, I was so worried he would not love my baby. Then, he came back to Malaysia.

Him: Lunch?
Me: Dinner la joms, you haven't met my baby!
Him: Hmm.. (Not that psyched)
Me: And my new house! You haven't seen my new house! I'd cook. (Ayat pancing)
Him: Ok!

So, he came. I was quite nervous to introduce Baby Khaira to her. But when I came downstairs to greet him, and he was holding Little Khaira in his arms saying, "She's the most beautiful baby I've met."

The stress is all gone.

And finally, my best friend is BACK!

Moral of the story:
1) People change no matter what, so don't ever think you never change.
2) And if your BFF is a true BFF, he'd support you, no matter what.

"The only constant in life is change"

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