Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our trip to Cameron Highland!!!

My family and I went to Cameron last weekend, our first since a very loonggg time ago.

We booked an apartment called Tringkap apartment via Agoda, which costs us RM 300 per night including tax. We were absolutely happy with the super spacious and clean apartment. It has five queen size bedrooms with two toilets equipped with heater.

The location of the apartment was probably the best. Near to the attractions, but quite a distance from Tanah Rata, so we can avoid the traffic. It has two Muslim restaurants nearby which was quite convenient for us.

Friends suggested to use Simpang Pulai rather than Tapah, so it took us 4 hours (plus stopping for a break and prayer at the RnR) to reach our apartment.

I'm gonna leave you with the photos..

Day 1.

We first stopped by at Lavender Garden, RM4 per adult. Sooo cantik!!!

The cafe was super expensive; selling strawberry cheese cakes, scones, strawberry tea and coffee. However they are not to our likings.

The view from its cafe

Abi: Beautiful!! Who made all these, Khaira?
Khaira: Allah!!!

Then, we went to Bharat Tea Walk. Entrance is free. Buy your Bharat tea here. Tempat lain semua mahal, though they claimed they were the cheapest. Tipu itu semua, I kena tipu!

Mom and Dad!
 Double rainbow, look look!!

View from our apartment
At night, we drove through the heavy traffic to Tanah Rata for a steamboat dinner for what seems like the most decent and the only halal signboard restaurant we found; Glory 78 Steamboat Snack Corner, next to De La Ferns Hotel. Price is RM 23 per adult.

Then, we dropped by for souvenirs shopping at the night market!!! Night market was super awesome, bigger than the ones in Batu Feringghi.

Day 2

Started our day with the Bee Museum..

Then we went for lunch at Tanah Rata. Parents went for bonsai hunting, Love and I went for shoulder and foot massage, a must do!

After that, we went to Butterfly park, ok best gileeee sangatttt!! RM 5 per adult. So worth it!!

She made this face most of time; whenever she touched the insects, the flowers, adoiii..

Vandalisme at its worst
Dropped by at the strawberry farm, nothing much to see. And ended our journey with the chocolate factory!! So cantiklahhh this chocolate place, must visit!! And the foods from the cafe were delicious!!

Next trip: Pangkorrrrrrrr!!! Next month jee.. :)

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