Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The watches story

I was so naive during my first baby that I thought I could do a lot of things during my 2 months maternity leave. By the end of the leave I wondered where did the time fly.

So this time around, I was extra cautious with my timing. I always check the watch to see if it's time for me to pump or spend time with Kakak Khaira and etc. Thus imagine the horror when I found my Swatch broken at the coffee table.

And so the little culprit came to me and said (before I could even asked), "Jam Ibu putus sendiri". Yeah, right. Of course.

In confinement and desperately need a new watch. For me, watches do not serve only as time instrument, but also as an accessory to substitute a bracelet. I always opt for leather strap and silver plated, but this time around.. I thought of trying gold plated stainless steel watch. Not only it's just as beautiful but it seems like it's also the in thing now.

There are 3 kinds of fashion look where gold watches fit perfectly in place.

The first style is to match it with a semi casual outfit, for instance, a top layered with a blazer, jeans and stiletto high heels. We can mix and match the colour of your outfits everywhere whether to work, college or even on a day out with your girlfriends. The gold watches will match nicely with your outfit and reveals a sophisticated side of you.

The next look will definitely bring out the elegance character in you by wearing the gold watch with some slack trousers and pastel coloured blouse. You could also experiment your own style by changing the colours or patterns of the blouse as the gold element makes it versatile to be match with the majority of outfits you have. This look will be suitable for women to flaunt at the office while portraying a professional appearance.

The third kind of fashion look to style your gold watch is by adding some accessories on your wrist. You could play it safe by matching a silver or gold bracelet along with the gold watch or you could be creative by stacking your wrist with multi coloured bangles. This look is perfect for the ladies who want to have a casual yet stylish appearance during the weekends or even out on a date. Whether you wear it with a basic tee or even an oversized sweater, you will look stunning everywhere you go.

Now.. now.. since I'm in confinement, I thank God for online shopping (need to reconsider cutting my credit card).  Time to get a new watch and the most reliable online shop for me has got to be ZALORA.

Interested to get a gold watch to create your new style? Check out ZALORA as it offers a wide selection of watches from various local and international brands online.

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oh yes, confinement period definitely suitable for online shopping :)

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