Tuesday, September 13, 2016


I have finally finished reading both Nenek's books that she gave me.

The book about her written by her. It's like walking down the lane 50 years back, when I was not even born yet, but now everything is relatable,

I couldn't understand her first book much, because it is more to politics. I'm so not good in politics. But I kind of learned a lot there.

Nenek's second book that I read is about her journey to London and some times she spent there.

This opens up my eyes a lot, understanding Nenek's perspective when she travelled means the world to me. I always fond of travelling although I'm slowing down a bit now due to the kids. I always learn something new when I travelled, but Nenek learned about a whole lot of things.

The book was written 60 years ago. Funny how you could still relate the working mom's dilemma.

Al fatihah, Nek :) May you be among the pious.


Also, I have spent 6 months tying to finish up this one book, which I did not recommend at all. What a waste of my time (T_T)

Alright, there you go. Now I'm up to date with my review, yay!

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