Sunday, March 20, 2011

A little nudge..

Had a tiring day last Friday. Been busy with appointments from my students. Had to skip breakfast, accidentally skipped some medication, had my first meal around 12.30, rushed to presentation’s room where all the drama became too overwhelming, I just had to go out of the room for a while.

Done with presentation, Love was there waiting for me since he worked half day. Bought some tea, rushed home and headed to IOI to watch Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa which was superb btw.

9.30pm, still no dinner yet. The only food I ate for the day was my lunch and some fried banana. Which was unusual because my pregnancy and morning sickness demanded me to have at least 8 meals a day.

I started feeling sick on the way back from IOI. The moment the car stopped outside the house, I vomited like I never did before. Over and over without any sign of stopping, then I felt a tummy cramp that hurts like hell.

Held to my seat belt and said to Love, “Sayang.. I tak larat..”

That was when I felt some discharge.

With all the energy I had left, I rushed to the toilet and felt like my world turned upside down. I went out of the toilet, held Love’s hand and said, “Sayang.. Bleeding..”

We tried to remain calm. Doctor once told us to quickly lie down if such thing happens, I did as he said while having some meal for my dinner. Then, we rushed to Az Zahra.

And during the long silence journey, I started to lose it. Tried calling BFF Maria, no one picked up. Started crying, and called Mum. Mum was in PJ, she said she would meet me at the hospital. And I cried the whole journey.

Love tried calming me down but I was down with my own thoughts. I couldn’t bear the thought of anything happened to my baby. I wanted this so badly..

Arrived at Az Zahra, I was attended in less than 5 minutes. Did ultrasound for the first time. To my relief the Dr. said my baby is still there. But he couldn’t give predictive value as on how safe the baby was. He couldn’t give any medication also. He needed me to rest. As of that time, threaten of miscarriage was very minor, but he asked me to monitor if bleeding still occur for another 2 days. "If the blood looks fresh, it’s not a good sign. If it’s black in colour, then you're getting better."

I have to be warded for two days.

But, I told the doctor I’d rather rest at home. At that point, there was nothing I wanted more other than support from my parents and my hubby. Being warded would not help that much.

Of course mum and Love were not happy with my decision.

But, Alhamdulillah, today is Day 2, and I’ve had enough rest, both baby and me have been healthy. Doakan.

My mum in law threw a visit this evening with my favourite Korean dish and favourite dish from my grandmother in law. She told me, “To get a baby, is not that easy.”

I know now.

And I will fight until my last drop of blood for this.

But whatever it is, it could have been worse. This is after all just a little nudge from the Almighty. And for that, Alhamdulillah..


Mawar_Mohamad said...

ikeen,kak got so worried and in suspense reading your entry.alhamdulillah am glad at the end of this post i received good news to know u and baby are fine.please please as i've said you cant afford to go lasak2 and take it lightly first's one of the crucial times during pregnancy!you must take care of your food intake,supplements and have good rest.skip outdoor stuff beside work like the cinema etc.that can wait until you're in second trimester when for certain baby has been growing at scheduled rate.

Syaza Nadrah said...

Ala ikeen... im so sorry to hear that.. how are you doing now? maybe you should get more rest.. I hope you are doing much better now.. take care k ikeen... *hugs*

Alyanazlan said...

Ikeen, plz take good care of urself and baby. Dun skip ur meal and jangan la bdiri banyak2.

Dr. Ikeen said...

Kak Mawar: Thank you for all the advices. I guess sometimes, we just took things for granted kan. Nasihat2 mcm ni la yang akan always bring us back, thank you very much.

Nadrah: TQ love, getting better. TQ!

Alya: Haha. Doctor pon tak kasi diri banyak. I tatau pon tu effect tau.