Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Preparation to KOREAAAAAAA!!!

Since my last entry sucks, let's talk about something fun.

Another exciting news I received after I got back from Columbia Asia is that I am allowed to fly to Korea!!! Went to Az Zahra for a second opinion, and yay!!

4 more days to gooooo... Right after receiving the news, Love and I went to Winter Time to do some shopping.

According to MIL, it's still snowing in Korea, can you imagine, it's March already. Last Friday, it was -6 to 4 degrees celcius. :( I was not a big fan of winter. With 18 degrees pon, I'll be in my sweater and pashmina and socks and still shaking.

Some of the stuff I bought last Sunday..

Can't waitttt!!

The only thing that might hold me back is the fact that I'm gonna miss my boss a.k.a supervisor's farewell party.

Don't worry she's not leaving anywhere, just that she got promoted to deputy dean and hence no longer our HOD.

Sedihnyeeee... How could I miss such party for one of the most important person in my life... :'(

One thing for sure though, no one can ever ever EVER EVER replace her. What should I buy for her in Korea?

Btw, Kapal's phone akan roaming kat sana, if ada anything nak order from there, just drop us a message!


nadra186 said...

u g korea.. iza g shanghai... i pon nk holiday!!!!!! have fun ikeen!!!!! take lots and lots of pictures ok... kalau jumpe Taeyang ckp kat die "NADRAH SENDS HER LOVE. SHE WANTS TO MARRY YOU!!" (Ag who?) LOL!!! Huggs~!

Fatin Fairuz said...

ikeen..aku follow blog kau..
follow me back okey!=)

have a great time in korea..congrats on pregnancy..happy for u =)

Dr. Ikeen said...

Nadrah: U tak boleh, haritu u dah holiday lama, i jeles!! Haha. Curang curang! ;p Nasib baik i tak jumpe Taeyang to send ur msg to him. Nanti AG marah i.

Fatin: Fatin FAIRUZ? Mana pergi Farah Izzati?