Monday, March 28, 2011

My precious

I was born an engineer.

I knew I would end up in engineering one day, so in high school, instead of taking Biology like what people normally did, I took Lukisan Kejuruteraan.

Downside is I am totally helpless in stuff like estrogen, progesteron, chromosome, whatever fancy terms that even the name sounds scary!

And having a husband who took biology, who somehow ends up totally clueless like me is not at all helping.

So we were glad that the fate brought us to Dr. Silvam, a specialist in Columbia Asia hospital. (Our first option was Az-Zahra and An-Nur, both were fully booked last Saturday).

And as an engineer, nothing I love better than numbers and statistics and graphs and those were the things that Dr. Silvam managed to present in order to explain to us about the very basic thing of pregnancy and morning sickness.

He said that once you're conceived, chances are 85% it will formed perfectly, so regardless whether you're bleeding or what not, by God's will the baby will be delivered safely. Another 15% are the chances that you will have a miscarriage because the baby is not formed as norm.

And after a long thorough nervewrecking check up, our baby falls under the 85% category because..


Awww!! Can you see the head (on the left hand side) and the body (on the right hand side) inside the black thing that looks like peanut (my uterus i guess). The heart is beating ever so healthily.

While the doctor let us watched this precious for what seemed like the best moment of my life, the baby actually moved to various positions, letting us see his/her every angle. The placenta, the food ring.

My eyes were fixed at the screen, the heartbeat!! Who would have thought a two months old baby already have a heartbeat!!.

That's my baby.. growing inside my tummy.. *wipes tears*.


Myra Ron said...

OMG!OMG! So cute la ur little one inside..cant wait to see u dressing up with ur maternity gown soon.LOL!

Syaza Nadrah said...

Look at that little one there!!! Thank you so much for sharing... Precious!

Mawar_Mohamad said...

ikeen,this is such a sweet entry kak rasa nak nangis :) a joyful teary cry off course.rasa teringat-ingat the very same feeling i had the first time tgk the scan of hamzah at 2 months pregnancy.dgr heartbeat tu mmg amazing kn :) im so happy for u two!!

Dr. Ikeen said...

Myra: I can't wait too!!!
Nadrah: Thank YOU for making me smile reading your comment :)
Kak Mawar: Sangat amazing kan that little heartbeat. We will forever treasure that moment.