Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The breastfeeding challenges

Only Allah SWT knows how challenging it is to breastfeed Baby Khaira.

The first three days, I did not manage to produce any milk. After three massage sessions, I fully breastfeed Baby Khaira on the fourth day of her life.

Unfortunately, Baby Khaira kept on having colic after I breasfed her. Tried experimenting with my diet and found out that she could not take lobak putih. So, I stopped eating lobak putih and she got better.

But then, my milk supply decreased. The confinement lady came again and found out that there was some clog. Massage again, Alhamdulillah the next morning, it got better.

After I stopped pumping since the milk supply decreased, I started again after the massage. But only to find out that there was no suction with the breast pump. Manufacturing defect. Took a week plus to service and they loaned us another pump, Modu. Sucks a lot!! The suction was so slow, took hours to express my breastmilk.

Then, I got a message in my blog from a reader saying it was not good to pump during the first 6 weeks. I took it as a sign. Takpelah, tak pump for a while. After all, I got about 12 bottles (60 ozs) of supply already.

So, last Saturday, Love dropped by at our new house.. where I stored my expressed brestmilk (EBM). And sangatlaaaaahhhh sedih, rumah black out. The 12 bottles of EBM? Rosak, dah masam.



La yukallifullah hunafsan illawus 'aha.

Everytime I read the Ma'thurat, I paused at this part and cried.

"On no soul do Allah place a burden greater than it can bear."


Myra Ron said...

Pity u ikeen...takpe u,take it as dugaan ok.u are one strong woman,i know :)

Anonymous said...

Same here la...such a huge challenge to breastfeed =( sabar je la.

Sumayyah Mohd Idris said...

its only for a while.., trust me! all these are what makes us a mom, a great mom, InsyaAllah.. in the end, when u look back.. only u can describe all the feelings. Just like what u've did, talk to other moms, we are all in the same shoes/boats! :):):) send my hugs to khaira k :)

kzedz said...

sabar ikeen!! u can do it..

Dr. Ikeen said...

Myra: Thank you, babe!
Aieza: Tulah, memang kena banyak sabar to give the best to our little ones!
Dr. Sumay: I miss you calming me down! I miss you a lot!
Kzedz: Doakan for me to be granted the strength to get thru this ye :)