Thursday, November 24, 2011

A decade together and another year older

21st Nov, 10 years ago, a best friend that was so dear to me proposed me to become his girlfriend.. And now, I'm his wife and the mother to our daughter, Baby Khaira!

On 22nd Nov was Love's 26th birthday. Whee!! We had moderate celebrations this year; for his and for mine compared to last year's celebration -> mine; his.

For mine, since it was 5 days before I gave birth to Khaira, we had a mini celebration at Little White Cafe , Bangi. Ooohhh.. The red velvet is to die for!

For his, since I was in confinement, I couldn't take him out to a fancy dinner. For a little surprise I decided to try Blooming and send over a box of chocolate for him at his office.

I am very satisfied with the service. The chocolate came at the right time and it was uber delicious! I chose Beryl's homemade chocolate, it was Oreo cookies inside with Beryl's chocolate outside. Love loves both the surprise and the taste of the chocolate. I am one happy customer, good job Blooming!

Later as he got home, I called for Domino's delivery and we had a mini celebration with my family. FYI, I did not eat any of the pizzas no matter how tempting it was. *Pat at the back* Am so proud with myself.

Happy birthday, Sayaaannngggggg!!!! I love you a lot. After confinement, we go celebrate ok!!! :)

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