Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why I chose gentle birth

I'm an avid follower of gentle birth, and I'm proud of it.

I gave birth to my first baby (and the following, insya Allah), as gentle and natural as possible. It was a wonderful experience I will forever treasure. I thank Allah SWT everyday for it.

I didn't choose gentle birth just because of the benefits I received; i.e. vaginal birth, side effects free from the drugs, and of course pain free.

I chose it because I know it is the best for both my baby and me.

Imagine a baby being forced to go out of your tummy at times he/she is not yet ready. It's like plucking a fruit from a tree while you could wait perhaps two more days for it to ripen. It could have been sweeter and tastier.

Gente birth is like reverting back to nature and have a total dependence on no one but the Almighty. Just like what Islam told us to be. Ever think how women in the old days could give birth easily, even some in this generation accidentally gave birth in the toilet while bowel movement. Masya Allah, "Kun Faya Kun".

But knowing that birth can be as easy as just reverting back to our nature doesn't mean I'm taking it for granted. I prepared as if I was going to the war.

Daily affirmations every day, visualizing every night, exercising every evening, watching what I was eating for the whole 9 months, watching out my position every hour and is it worth it, without a doubt, yes! It's only for 9 months, what is there to complain about?

And in order to do all of the above, a proper guidance is needed. Thank you, Sifu Wai Han and the support I received from GBG and Homebirth :)

Cuma satu, we are only human. Redha. If Allah SWT somehow does not permit us to have one, He must have a reason that we are not aware of. The most important thing is that we have tried the best that we could. With a proper guidance, insya Allah.. we'll fine that thin line between gentle birth and risking the baby.

Like a normal birth, sometimes we may not achieved what we want during gentle birth. But blaming the gentle birth itself is unfair. Qada' dan qadar, have faith.

Outsides people are too easy to judge. Too easy to condemn. That's why I shared my gentle birth techniques only to those who asked.

If you haven't even grasped the concept of gentle birth, you are in no position to judge me, to judge us.

It's our decision. In any position there's a risk and it's one I'm willing to bear because I'm proud to say I have a total dependence in Allas SWT. When we try to do what's best for HIM, He'll be there for us :)


Ms. Z said...

akak tau bc dr blog akk ttg hypnobirthing. dr situ sy google2 apa bnda yang akk tulis2 pastu tjumpa hypnobirthing malaysia..birth stories dlm tu sgt2 la bg inspirasi. wlpun blm kahwin & jauh sgt nk attend class hypnobirthing tu (sy kt sabah), da niat da awal mdhn bila da kahwin dgn mr right, pregnant then melahirkan dgn konsep ni. amin

Dr. Ikeen said...

Ms. Z, thank you for the comment, I'm so touched :). Insya Allah.. bila niat dah baik kan, insya Allah dipermudahkan. :) Anyhow, bile pregnant nanti.. If ada any question about hypnobirth, I'm here for you. And adik akan amazed how supportive the hypnobirthing people around you nanti, insya Allah.. :)

Ms. Z said...

arigato ne..tq so much. Mudahan dipermudahkan :)