Thursday, June 6, 2013

PhD viva?

So there I was, 24 hours before my Viva. My every inch of body feels tense and excited at the same time.

During Zuhur, my friends told me, tomorrow at this hour, we're gonna celebrate your doctorate. Ameen, ya rabbal alamin.

At about 3pm, supervisor called,

"I am very sorry to tell you, it seems like the email sent by COGS to one of the examiner bounced back and he didnt even know your viva is tomorrow. It's very unfortunate, I am sorry."


All the weeks that I went home late for my baby, the weekends I sacrificed, the admin works I put on hold, and whaaattttttt???

Then, it all makes sense to me. Allah must asked me to prepare better, Alhamdulillah.

So my Viva has been postponed to 25th June, please extend your du'a for me friends. May I come back on the 25th with the best news of the century, Ameen.

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