Sunday, June 9, 2013

Third year anniversary :)

Love had to go to Butterworth on our anniversary.

And a day before our anniversary, I had to attend a conference in Melaka. Lame :(

It was just a couple of days after our long break to Goldcoast, but being a sweetheart, Love took a leave and followed me to Melaka, of course together with Baby K.

But it was a short one. Checked in at Bayview after work on Monday night and check out first thing in the morning the next day.

The celebration was nothing to be remembered about. It was just another day for us.

But there's one thing I learned about on that day, on how much my husband sacrificed for me.. The fact that he postponed his outstation to accompany me to Melaka because he just couldn't bear I'm driving alone to Melaka and had to sleep without Khaira.

That's a big thing for me, because Love is VERY dedicated to work. And to be reminded that Khaira and I are always on top of his list just make my day :)

May we have a better celebration next year.

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