Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tips for PhD Viva

So, my Viva has been postponed again to 8th July, I hope this time is for real. But yeah, Allah SWT knows best. So, I hope I will make full use of the plenty times given to me.

Anyhow.. I asked the 'Doctorate Support Group' I joined in facebook for the tips in Viva.

So let me just share with you some of the tips that they shared with me:

1) Know your research novelty
2) Bismillahi tawakkal tu a'lAllah wala haula wala quwwata illa billahil a'liyil a'zim
3) Confident and smile consistently
4) Remember all the famous authors with the year
5) Relate your work to prior research work
6) Solat hajat :)
7) Give charity before viva
8) Recite Rabbi yassir wala tuasir throughout
9) Viva day - Read yaasin after solat subuh
10) Think positive!!
11) Recite yassin the night before and pray so that the examiners will listen to our explanations and understand them
12) Zikir/Al fatihah all the way from home to viva place
13) Selawat to Rasulullah before starting the viva
14) Relate the findings and objectives clearly
15) Seek for the supervisor's blessings a day before the viva
16) Run test the slides before you start (meaning come early) and check all the equipments
17) Light meal for breakfast on the viva day
19) "Examiners role is too assist you" :) 
20) Solat tahajjud, solat hajat n solat dhuha, baca selawat tafrijiyah n zikir rabbi yassir
21) Ask for parents or husband to recite yassin and solat hajat during our viva
22) Virtual viva -->

May we benefit from their sharings!! :)

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rina said...

Ikeen!! Good Luck.. Tapi rina dulu masa viva master pun rasa nak pengsan2!.. I don't know how I will do it if I am at your place.. PHD plak tu.. pitam2..