Friday, November 22, 2013

Happy 28th birthday, Love!!

It was Love's birthday today!! Yayy!!

We celebrated with a breakfast at Putrajaya, then we watched Flight. While he was out for Friday prayer, I prepared whatever left needed to be prepared for his homemade lunch birthday celebration.

I took a half day leave a day before. Shopped at Giant and cooked 3 hours straight. Another hour cleaning up.. oh my god exhausting! But totally worth it..

Look at this happy face..

For appetizer I tried Masterchef's onion soup, this is the most difficult and time consuming of all. I replaced Sherry with apple cider. So delicious!!

For main dish, I cooked salmon with shiitake and spinach, recipe from You totally get that fine dining feel, but I'm not a big fan of mushroom, so I rate this 3 over 5.

Then, for desert, I made cheesecake in a cup which I improvised from pink stiletto. So rich and awesome, Kapal loves it a lot.

Had pear and cranberry juice for the beverage. Both of us had a wonderful day to ourselves today.

Yesterday was our 12th anniversary and we had a humble celebration at Sunway with the little ones.

May Allah swt blesses our marriage and little family so we can stay happy and loving for the rest of our lives. Ameen.

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