Friday, May 9, 2014

KL Bird Park

Our Uncle from Korea came to visit us since last weekend. We were planning to bring him to KL Bird Park, unfortunately he already had plan that Sunday.

Khaira was supposed to call him Wey (mother's side) Samchun (Uncle) Harebeji (Grandfather),  panjang sangat.. so she just called Harebeji Korea.

But since we promised Khaira that we're gonna bring her to Bird Park anyway, we proceed just the three of us.

The entry fee for the Bird Park was quite pricey; RM 25 per adult. But I must say the park is well maintained and the birds are in healthy conditions. Plus the experience of walking with the birds was worth it.

It opens at 9am. We arrived around 9.30am because we were scared it was gonna get all hot and sweaty in the afternoon. But I guess it's better to come later because the show starts at 1230noon and it was not that hot after all, walking under the trees and net.

I'm gonna leave you with the pics.

If you plan to go there,  beware of the mosquitoes.  Have fun!

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