Friday, July 4, 2014

Fighting with dengue

The nightmare began last Friday. Mom was down with fever since Wednesday. Khaira became feverish on Friday. And when I got home, I was feeling under the weather as well. Love cancelled his weekly futsal and headed straight home after his office's kenduri. He too fell sick after he massaged me.

Day 2.

Both Love and I were too weak to even drive to clinic. With the help of my brother, we arrived at the hospital and Khaira was given ubat bontot since the fever did not subside after normal medicine.

Day 3.

Decided to go back to clinic since Love and Khaira had temperature up to 40 degrees the night before. All of us including mom and brother who caught a fever as well by then had our blood test. Mom and I were ruled out of dengue immediately.  Love had a platelet count of 135,000 which was border line. Developed rashes on some part of his body.

Day 4.

After my pregnancy check up, we headed back to clinic since Love's temperature did not subside and he was having bad body ache. Blood test indicated that the platelet count dropped to 95,000 and he was given a referral letter. Went to Columbia Asia Puchong where he was confirmed to have dengue and admitted there straight away.

Day 5.

Aside from bad body ache and constant headache, fever was still around 38+ degrees. Platelet count dropped to 88,000. Brother was ruled out of dengue today.

Day 6.

White cell was normal but platelet count still dropped to 72,000. Doctor said as long as fever was there, hard for platelet count to go up again. He was out of drip but caused him extra dizziness and raised in temperature.

Day 7.

Drip again for a few hours to make him better. Temperature still around 38 degrees. Platelet count dropped to 62,000. Khaira was ruled out of dengue today.

Day 8.

Temperature slowly going down around 36 to 37 degrees. At noon hiked up a bit to 38. Platelet count still dropped to 58,000. Rashes started to itch and skin became thinner.

Day 9.

Temperature finally normal and platelet count went up to 95,000. Love has finally been discharged today!

In conclusion, it has been a tough week for all of us. I strongly believe Allah SWT wants to ease us up in other things, let's hope one of them is the delivery ♥

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